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Student Accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Many universities in the country handle their student accommodation with very conducive dormitories and residence halls, some others leave the students to secure private off-campus housing around the city they are located.

Several hostel accommodations have proper facilities under good conditions and very reasonable prices. Foreign students coming into the country must be aware of whatever of the options that are available to them in terms of student housing across different cities in the country. 

RocApply in collaboration with our housing partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers our students some of the choicest kinds of living arrangements that are tailored to their needs or their budget. Our students can opt for our services for both on-campus and off-campus housing solutions.

Many options exist for student housing some of which primarily depend on the location, the building conditions, and the facilities they offer. For example, houses around the city center are more expensive compared to the ones in the countryside and houses with more modern facilities or newer buildings tend to carry an extra charge for maintenance and cleaning.

A two-bedroom apartment can range from 200 BAM to 250 BAM per month and some others charge up to 350 BAM citing proximity or road access as their price determinants.

One cheaper option for housing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the option of living in a rented room in the home of a native or a family. This option fosters interactions with the people and builds relations that are healthy and unforgettable.

Many foreign students have been quoted saying, they learned the local dialect faster and they learned the culture and traditions of the people whilst living with them. Prices for a rented room in a family home start from 100 BAM to 150 BAM and in many cases come with breakfast and dinner.

Student sharing is also a common phenomenon in many student cities in the country, students share rent, bills, and other responsibilities in a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom apartment. This option is also very significant in bringing students together, as many individuals from different countries can live together and learn from each other. Individuals who are also very comfortable in familiarity opt to live with people from the same university, country, or department as them because of shared or common interests.

Renting an apartment in Bosnia and Herzegovina comes with a contract that students must sign. This serves as a bond between the tenant and the house owner and the document is very binding. The contract is signed at the beginning of the rental agreement period and is taken to the local migration office as a testament to the student's residency status from whence they can now be issued a student residence permit.


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