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Shopping opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

 As a student, grocery shopping is very crucial and is an integral part of your student life in Denmark. One thing to note is the options you have in terms of the proximity of the supermarket to you or in terms of the prices.

The biggest mall in Bosnia and Herzegovina is The Delta Planet in Banja Luka, a modern shopping experience with a vast array of products and stores. The cheapest ones are Bingo, Konzum, and Mercator which has very low prices and special offers for students from time to time. 

One useful tip for shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina is to buy local, food items from the local markets are usually very fresh and very cheap compared to supermarket prices. Students can also choose from a variety of options as many of these local markets carry special goods that are not easily found in bigger stores.

Local markets in the country carry fresh farm and poultry products cultivated in the rich agricultural lands of the country.

One good thing for students is that a lot of these stores have online shopping stores where you can shop for grocery items and have them delivered to you. This doesn't only save cost it also saves you the time and stress.

Some helpful tips to saving money or to have a not too stressful shopping experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina are as follows;

  • Use any translation apps to better aid in knowing the local names for your favorite products. Don't underestimate this factor as many items look similar but are way different, so if you do not know any of the three languages please have google translate on standby.
  • Carry your shopping bag as plastic shopping bags cost extra money and are environmentally hazardous today.
  • New books can be expensive so why not just rent them, many university bookstores have the option of renting second-value course handouts or even academic books
  • When next you shop in a big store like Bingo or Robot or even home brands like Jumbo and Obi, opt for their customer cards, you gain shopping points whenever you shop with them and can use them to get discounts.

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