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Scholarships in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Several universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer various scholarships and tuition waivers to many international students every year. Scholarships are provided to encourage high achieving young individuals in their academic pursuit and to also promote other successful young talents in leadership, entrepreneurship, artistry, and research. Although scholarships are available all year long, interested candidates who require some sort of funding must indicate early on in their application.

Other students can apply for tuition funding at their respective universities during their bachelor studies in Bosnia. A great number of Bosnian universities, both public and private, have schemes that reward students with exceptional academic results after their first two semesters in the university. This scholarship extends for the duration of their program as long as they can maintain their CGPA as they progress, they can keep their scholarship.

Tuition waivers are also provided to students from certain countries like Turkey or other countries in the Balkan region who have demonstrated outstanding abilities before beginning their studies in Bosnia. These individuals must have excelled and shown great promise not only in academics but also in other areas such as sports, leadership, creativity, and even more.

The government of Bosnia and Herzegovina also awards scholarships to international students via its Ministry of Education, under which students are given specific funds towards their education and living in the country. Many post-graduate students have benefitted from this scholarship due to its very diverse and favorable application procedure.

Students can easily apply during the window period and take part in an enrolment exercise where more than 300 students are selected to receive special funds from the government towards their post-graduate studies and/or research. This scholarship covers tuition, living, travel, and other expenses during their studies.

RocApply Tip: For students who enroll in a study program at any university in the country, please speak with an officer at your international university for when this scholarship application begins.

Other private organizations and companies offer scholarships to both local and international students in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through a good number of very streamlined funding schemes. These entities offer scholarships one or twice a year with an application procedure where students who meet their requirements can receive somewhere between $5,000 to $20,000 towards their education and stay in the country.

Universities also offer special tuition discounts on the grounds of a few factors like siblings, early payment, special needs, postgraduate study program (masters), students who come from specific countries, and students who are flag-bearers for their respective institutions.

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