Jobs for Students in in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Student Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Foreign students can seek employment and work part-time alongside their studies. However, they must bear in mind that it is a tedious process albeit rewarding eventually. One of the major barriers for many foreign students who seek to work and study in Bosnia and Herzegovina is that they are mostly required to be able to speak the local dialect. This might come as a bit of a challenge for new residents in the country.

Notwithstanding many foreign investment companies and establishments seek out to employ foreigners only on the premise that they have good knowledge of the English language and just enough Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian for basic communication.

The minimum wage for jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 420 BAM and workers are paid by their employer's discretion or based on their employment contract. There is also no need for work permits as there are no restrictions against working and studying, students who pursue jobs must obtain residence permits after their first year of residence in the country. The average salary per month is 820 BAM but this can be lower or higher for certain part-time jobs.

Part-time jobs dominated by foreign students include jobs in the service sector as waiters, bartenders, cooks, cashiers, salespeople, and marketing staff. Several companies recruit foreign students in marketing roles that involve door to door advertising or social media engagement. Other easy-to-get jobs include laundry jobs, housekeeping, delivery jobs.

Tutoring is also very common amongst international student communities, student teachers lecture in languages, maths, sciences, and a broad range of other subjects. These jobs are highly rewarding and require a certain level of responsibility from the employee as they often time involve underage children and young adults.

Presently, multi-lingual students are of priority as there is a large influx of Turks, Russians, Germans, and Arabs into the country. Start-up companies seek out very talented and creative students for essential internship roles. These roles are not only experiential they are also a monetary incentive involved.

Additionally, in these modern times, many trans-continental job opportunities do not require physical presence, jobs online and businesses that run via online channels are on then up and up. We encourage students to explore opportunities in these areas. Creative minds and talents easily create their niches and make money out of it.

Lastly, graduate students can function as teaching assistants, research assistants, and administrative assistants. In most cases, these jobs provide scholarships for the student and monthly stipends to cover their living expenses.

So how do I get the job in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

As RocApply we have gathered a few pointers to assist students when searching or work in Germany. These include but are not limited to:

  • Always have your CV in you well written and referenced.
  • Keep on the lookout or posts or vacancies firstly in campus then beyond
  • Learn the local language and get more up and close with local residents.
  • Look or openings around your residence to cut down transport costs and this even allows you to work late
  • Some places to seek employment include cafes, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, the library, car wash, farms.
  • Always be willing to get your hands dirty don’t be picky about job opportunities that come your way, be it housekeeping, fruit picking, waitering etc.

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