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We know it is really important to feel at home and have a place of your own to study, that’s why we have a team that is dedicated to helping you find a place to live. Whether you are thinking about coming to study in Bonaire, are a current student, or just going to be visiting, we can help you with your accommodation options ranging from student hostels to hotel options.RocApply has dedicated this guide to give you information on the types of accommodation you should expect once in Bonaire!

All final arrangements of terms and conditions are always made between the students and the landlords. It is in the best interest of both landlord and tenant to have a signed tenancy agreement, in this way rights and responsibilities will be clear for everyone. Students experiencing difficulties with their landlords may contact their universities.

There are several different types of accommodation for students in Bonaire. We know that accommodation is an essential component of an enjoyable study abroad. This is a good option for students who want freedom and independence. The apartments in Bonaire - with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms - are typically designed according to theBonairen characteristics. You will have more independence and the opportunity to cook your special meals.

Single or double rooms are at times offered in the same apartments. Cooking and chores are usually done by the students themselves. The apartments are mainly without much supervision and are self-catering, but they are close to local amenities like cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and bus stops. If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle during your study you should meet and interact with other foreign students, student residences/house options are ideal.

 A student residence can differ in size depending on location and availability too. These residences usually accommodate students of all age-ranges and nationalities in a house-type location. The student residences in Bonaire usually has shared kitchen facilities or cafeterias and allow you to practice your new language with fellow students even away from your classes. Normally there is a reception you can contact if you have any issues or questions.

Cost of Accommodation: The average rentusually starts at around USD 350 per month. It is usually inclusive of utilities. The rent charged is usually influenced by factors such as location, type and quality of the accommodation, and other services the landlord may provide; for example, transporting you to College or providing meals.


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