Bolivia Visa Requirements for international students

Visa Requirements for Students in Bolivia

Visa requirements for students that want to study in Bolivia are different for students depending on their citizenship. Select you country below, learn about the relevant regulations and find the embassies and consulates in your country!

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Embassies and Consulates in for obtaining a Visa

It is important to check the necessary immigration and visa regulations that are specific to your home country. Be sure that you have fulfilled the requirements for visa approval and then apply for a visa at the nearest Luxembourg Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

Students from Non-EU/EEA countries must fulfill the following requirements to obtain a student visa into Luxembourg.

  • Acceptance Letter from a university or higher education institution in Luxembourg.
  • Tuition fee receipt for the program enrolled.
  • International passport or travel document valid for at least 6 months
  • Proof of funds in the form of bank statements that cover academic and living expenses during studies.
  • Completed visa application form.
  • Health insurance document.
  • Travel itinerary with a return ticket showing the date the student intends to leave the country after completing their program.

Language requirements

  • It is important to note that Luxembourg is a multilingual state and as such different languages at taught for different university programs, students must provide results that show that they are proficient in the language that their courses are being taught. English, French, and German are some of the common languages of instruction in Luxembourg.

The visa process is usually 3 to 6 weeks depending on different factors, however, successful students will receive a student visa that allows them to come into the country to study. Upon arrival, all international students must obtain their residence permit at the nearest immigration office in their city.

We also offer visa assistance to our students, providing them with the important tools and support for all visa related matters.

Are you planning to travel to study in Bolivia? Visa related information will be vital before making your final assessment. RocApply has made it easy for you by drafting down what necessary steps and documentation that you might need to get one!

Not only that, but we have also dedicated a page; VISA to get in-depth knowledge of what specific requirements are expected for different countries to enter into Bolivia. While our information is first-hand, it is important to always check with the embassies on other relevant documentation before traveling!

Check, the Bolivian Immigration Authority (Direccion General de Migracion) has published an excellent and very detailed booklet outlining exactly how to determine which is your country visa group, and which are the requirements for each group.

It also highlights information on what your legal rights are as an international student in Bolivia and lists the countries in each visa group for easy reference.

Although some of the requirements will differ among countries, generally, all students wishing to study for prolonged periods of time in Bolivia will be required to present to a Bolivian consulate in your country (or Immigration office in Bolivia) some visa application documentation. However, according to your country's visa group, further, documentation may be required of you.

Steps to Apply for the Student Visa

Firstly, fill out a Sworn Statement for Visa Application. The statement can be obtained on the websites of the Migración (Immigration Authority), or the Bolivian consulate in the country in which you will request the visa.

1. Passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining on it before it expires.

2. Additionally, if you’ll be traveling to a tropical area in Bolivia, you should get a yellow fever vaccination. You can include a copy of the vaccination certificate with your visa application or take it with you to show to immigration officials upon arrival at the airport (most of them never ask to see it).

3. Any of the following documents that accredit your last year or level of study at a school, institute or university in the country in which you lived. These must be legalized by the corresponding office or consulate:

  • Certificate of studies
  • High school diploma, bachelor's degree or post-graduate degree
  • Report card or transcript
  • Others

4. A current certificate that accredits that the foreigner has no prior criminal and/or a police record, issued by the competent authorities in his or her country of origin or last residency (does not apply to minors under the age of 16).

5. Current photograph (4 x 4 centimeters with a red background).

6. Medical certificate stating that the applicant does not suffer from the contagious disease (must include an ELISA analysis for HIV.)

7. Copy of Itinerary or travel reservation.

8. If the applicant is a minor, according to Bolivian law, legal permission from parents or guardians, countersigned by competent authority to travel and stay in Bolivia.

9. Certification of the financial standing of the applicant or parent, if the applicant is a minor.

10. The corresponding letter of acceptance from a Bolivian university and/or educational institution.

11. Payment of the visa fee, the cost of which may vary depending on which country you are from. The Bolivian consulate in your country or region will inform you.

ROCAPPLY DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an exhaustive list of required documents. The Bolivian authorities can ask you to submit any additional documents as they see fit during any stage of your application processing. Be sure to check with the consulate websites before applying for any visa!

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