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While studying abroad is a prestigious thing in almost every part of the world for aspirants, it can be quite frustrating to confine to the life of books throughout your course with little outdoor explorations. For the reason, RocApply has setdown on this platform how you can fully utilize your idle time in Bolivia free of boredom. Be sure to check with our community feature to interact with other students from around the world and build yourself a network to get you started!

We believe in correspondency for information copyrights and authenticity. For this reason, we have set in pan what one of our students in Bolivia experienced! Let's hear from Daniel!

“My overall experience has been fantastic so far! I've made a great group of friends because my class is so small, and we have a laugh with the tutors. I have excelled in my expectations with grades and achieved A's and B+'s in my first year thanks to my tutors' help and the content they deliver. The lessons are completely related to the job you want to do, and the course has made me rethink what career I want to do because it takes you down so many higher-paying jobs! I've learnt laws and legislations and skills that will benefit me in my future career and its only been first year! No one is judgemental which is great because I like to dress in all colors usually, but you can literally be yourself as the uni is inclusive and diverse. Outside school life has been amazing with unending explorations and weekend parties! I strongly reccommend Bolivia for the foodies and adventure lovers. This is a great country for your study abroad!”

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There are countless activities awaiting your in this wonder-packed country. If you are that type that has Friday tendencies at heart, you have gotten yourself the right choice for study abroad. Be sure not to get stuck without exploring the country to limits. There is so much universities that have to offer once you are done applying on RocApply!

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions on these pages are based primarily on recommendations that we have received from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant merely as a starting point for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Bolivia! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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