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Utilize RocApply today to book a trip and explore all there is to see in Bolivia, the 28th-largest country on the planet. Whether you want to spend some time in the country's capital of La Paz (administrative), Sucre (judicial), or would prefer to stay someplace more rural, you are guaranteed to find the ideal destination for your trip. See just how simple it is to visit the country of your dreams, start your search right now.

If you are eager to spend the night at an extravagant resort in Bolivia then there is no problem. We have got a huge assortment of modest lodges too. And there are a vast of choices in between. It all depends on what you are in the mood for and how much you would like to save.

As for location, you can choose a room in any part of the region you would like. You will locate a range of lodging options at the center of the action, as well as hidden lodges on the edge of Bolivia.

When you browse our selection of lodges and hotels in Bolivia, you are certain to find low rates and amazing packages on any type of lodge or hotel around. There is no standard or widely used rating system for here hotels, so other than the information given in this book, the only way to tell whether a place is suitable or not is to have a look around. It is usually worth asking to see a few different rooms and choosing one you like rather than just accepting the first you are offered once you have checked into a hotel.

There is usually some flexibility in all price ranges, so a little haggling is always worth a try, especially when the hotel seems fairly empty, or if you are in a group: the phrase “Tiene un cuarto mas barato?” (“Do you have a cheaper room?”) is useful. The cheapest places often charge per person, but otherwise single rooms tend to cost as much as or only slightly less than double rooms. Rooms with double beds (cama matrimonial) usually cost less than those with two beds. Be sure to liaise with the administration for clarity in any of the hotels!

Even in the coldest highland cities heating is generally only found in the more expensive hotels. It is important to always keep the jacket by your side! In the lowlands, heat rather than cold is often a problem. All but the cheapest rooms are sorted with a fan, and many places offer the option of air-conditioning.

All but the cheapest places have hot water, but the reliability and effectiveness of water-heating systems varies considerably. Many hotels have a strong box where you can lock up your valuables; though you should count cash carefully before handing it. Many places will also store luggage for you, often free of charge.

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