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Your parents and relatives no longer need to be concerned about your accommodation during your study abroad program in Bolivia. RocApply offers free information and reservations for students prospecting to study abroad.

Finding accommodation for a longer-term trip abroad is not always easy, whether you are coming as a student, intern, volunteer, or fully-fledged worker.

There are various options that students have for accommodation in Bolivia. We have given you a guide to what you should expect whether as a temporary visitor or someone intending to stay longer.

What to expect!

In Bolivia room rates generally represent excellent value for money. In areas popular with tourists, rates rise slightly during the high season (July-August) and prices in any town can double or treble during a major fiesta. Moreover, room rates in resort towns popular with Bolivians increase at the weekend. These are also the only circumstances in which reserving a room in advance is necessary.

Don’t look elsewhere, RocApply does that for you! Simply toggle through our accommodations page for reservations and you’re set to go!

Room prices also vary by region, thus accommodation in big cities tends to cost more (notably in Santa Cruz), whereas smaller towns that see a lot of budget travelers; Coroico, Copacabana, Rurrenabaque – tend to have a good range of inexpensive places to stay.

Accommodation types

The type of accommodation here ranges from hotels, hostels, residential and alojamiento – mean relatively little in Bolivia. Virtually all high-end accommodation will call itself a hotel, but then many basic places do so as well. Smaller and cheaper hotels – also known as hostales, alojamientos or residenciales – tend to offer basic rooms with shared bathrooms only, but they still vary widely in price, cleanliness, and comfort.

There are Cabanas are self-contained cabins or bungalows, sometimes with their own kitchenettes, usually found away from big cities and can be a good option for students.

There are number of hostels in Bolivia. These are slowly increasing in number, and many of them are affiliated with RocApply! Relatively few have dorms or traditional hostel facilities like communal kitchens, offering instead simple and inexpensive rooms, normally with an option of either a shared or private bathroom.

In general there are private rooms and shared rooms (two people) available in most cities, as well as private or shared bathrooms depending on the room available. Each apartment has a small study area and a kitchen.

Depending on the building there may be other facilities available, such as a laundry room, gym, swimming pool, bikes, and grills for barbecues at affordable prices. Whichever you choose, you will need some help to find the best accommodation for your stay and this is where we come into play, check from our accommodation page and book a dormitory today free of charge!


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