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If you are planning to study abroad then you are on the right page! RocApply will help you choose the right path to the country of your choice without any hustles! If Bermuda is on your radar then Bermuda would be the perfect destination for you. The island nation is an admirable place for those who are seeking high-quality education abroad at a reasonable price. International students are interested in acquiring a certificate in here for a variety of reasons.

The country has quite a number of records to its name that you can find fascinating to discover while on vacation. The country is one of the budding study abroad destinations in the Oceanic region. Its moderate climate, coupled with a high-quality education, is the reason why foreign students from across the world go to Bermuda.

The people here are advanced, multicultural, and open-minded nationals. Residents of Bermuda are family-oriented and always feel proud in offering the best experience of hospitality to the international tourists, visitors, and students pursuing varied courses from the top medical universities in the country. The country has witnessed a remarkable development in the field of education, especially in the area of Equatic Studies. The growth percentage of teaching in the country particularly in this field is astounding.

Degrees awarded by the Bermuda universities are internationally recognized. Students who have completed them are successfully practicing their careers in various destinations around the world. There are only a few steps you have to follow to book your vacancy here; apply online with RocApply for free!! We recognize that when it comes time to choose a destination for learning, you have so much in the box, let’s help.

Education has always played an essential role for the people here. Throughout history, and today, it remains one of the most significant values of the Americas. We welcome you to join thousands of international students expanding their horizons, honing their skills, and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of this country. Study with world-class lecturers, musicians, scientists, and educational patrons. We will help you gain the important necessary to enter the job fieldor continue your education at even higher levels.

By exploring our website you’ll be able to learn about the exciting reforms that have been taking place in the Bermudan higher education system. The improvement and development of the academic system have always been prioritized in the country. Now, with our implementation of Top-quality education, professional and competent academic staff, Internationally-oriented courses, lower cost of living, and affordable tuition fees make Bermuda a great place for international students to receive high-quality academics.

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About Bermuda

For the adventurous or nature enthusiast, Bermuda is a wonderland of unrouched outdoor attractions. Thick tropical rainforests, pristine lakes and mysterious volcanic peaks are among the main draws of this secluded Caribbean island. Despite its rugged charm and largely undeveloped tourism industry, the island is a paradise waiting to be discovered and quite welcoming to foreigners and students alike.

Bermuda is a British island territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean known for its pink-sand beaches such as Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay. Bermuda is actually an archipelago made up of seven main islands and a multitude of smaller islets with an average width of 1 mile. It’s only twenty-five miles long and is two miles wide at its widest point. No more than a one-mile walk will bring you within toe-dipping space of the deep blue sea that you will be so tempted to dive right into.

The country is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of the United States. Approximately one-hundred American university students will study abroad in Bermuda each year. Bermuda's nearest landmass is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina six-hundred and forty miles away. Its capital city is Hamilton it is climate is sub-tropical and the official language is English. Bermuda's economy is based on offshore insurance and reinsurance, and tourism, some of the many reasons students consider study abroad in Bermuda.

Did you know that:

Bermuda Triangle, section of the North Atlantic Ocean off North America in which more than fifty ships and twenty airplanes are said to have mysteriously disappeared. The area, whose boundaries are not universally agreed upon, has a vaguely triangular shape marked by the Atlantic coast of the Florida panhandle (in the US), Bermuda, and the Greater Antilles.

The attraction to Bermuda is quite obvious. The historical ambience, reef-fringed clear blue waters, pink-sand beaches, unique architecture and an array of high-end activities, such as championship golf courses make it a popular destination. Although there is so much about Bermuda you may not know.

About Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our Bermuda Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here. The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

Bermuda has a high-cost economy. The World Bank rates it as number 5 in the world in GNI - Gross National Income.. Most of its money comes from being an International Business center or offshore jurisdiction - some would say tax haven - for corporate entities. It is also a long-established tourism resort. It has no natural resources of its own in its 21 square miles, no oil, no gas, no pronounced heavy industry.

It’s one of the most isolated yet highly populated places anywhere in the world and one of the most regulated, with controls on what non-nationals cannot do that no other jurisdiction in the world imposes on them. Lack of citizenship to newcomers except after ten years of continuous and living-together marriage to a Bermudian, lack of citizenship to children of non-nationals, plus their consequences of inability to vote, inability to buy property except in certain circumstances only, are merely some of them.

All these mean that for most foreigners including all from Britain who come to Bermuda to work in jobs Bermudians cannot or will not do or want, there can be little chance of staying beyond their Work Permit term, with no security of tenure, no prospects of citizenship, no opportunity to buy a house or condominium at the same price levels as locals. But for their international business employers, it is a different story. Many were either incorporated in Bermuda or have moved their corporate headquarters to Bermuda, for international tax matters.

Why? Because Bermuda levies zero tax on their world business activities. So far, Bermuda provides them far more in assets than in liabilities. It has no capital gains tax but the other direct and indirect taxes it levies on managements, their staff, business travellers and tourists are many and they can be so very heavy that overall Bermuda's cost of living is the highest in the world, nearly three times more than in the United Kingdom and nearly four times more than in the USA. They include a direct and hefty employment-related income tax payable by employers and employees but disguised as a Payroll tax.

Why Study in Bermuda

Affordable Tuition Fees in Bermuda
English-speaking country
Bermuda is an English-speaking nation where people speak English language in their unique Bermudan accent. Don’t fret! If you know English, you can understand what they are saying, and they will understand what you have to say!These reasons makes it one of the best destinations for an international education!
Affordable Accomodation in Bermuda
The country is a great country for research and higher education. Not to forget it is a country that had a very old heritage and picturesque scenery, Bermuda is a must-visit. The breathtaking landscapes and high mountains are just a few attractions here. Many other locations are of great interest to students here more so.
International Environment in Bermuda
Top-Quality Education
Most universities in Bermuda follows the US-based curriculum that makes sure that you study the very best out there. Also, being a Caribbean country that Bermuda is, you get plenty of opportunities to do internships in countries across the Caribbean as well as in the USA, Canada, and other countries. That opens a world of global opportunities.
Great Weather in Bermuda
The tuition fee is one of the lowest in the entire Americas, in particular, Bermuda and several programs help with the many expenses of deserving students. It is also very easy to obtain a student visa for studying here. Students have a chance to obtain a scholarship from various organizations here and study abroad with easy.

Scholarships in Bermuda

Students prospecting to study in Bermuda looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can now check with the RocApply Scholarship page for updates from the universities and theBermudan aids. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Students interested in studying in here have scholarship opportunities ranging from the federally funded to those at private college and university initiatives. While some of these programs are stiffly competitive as the field of study here is specific to one country, they make up for it by generously offering significant scholarships or even full tuition to students especially the underprivileged.

Bermuda Student Visa

To study in any one of the universities in Bermuda, international students must get a Bermudan student visa depending on their country of origin. RocApply has made it easy for you to follow what documentation may be needed upon visa application on this guide! It is, however, advised to always check with the consulate/embassy for more details on visa requirements.

If International students who intend to study in Bermuda, then they must apply for Student Visa. The Bermuda Study Visa is only issued by the Bermuda Immigration Department. The initial step is to fill the Application Form at least three months before the course start date in order to avoid any delay or last minute rush and then submit it to the Immigration Department through your regional consulate.