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Different study abroad courses in Belgium will offer different types of accommodation for students. If you are visiting Belgium as a stop on your semester program at sea, then you will likely be staying in a hotel or other budget residence, or simply upon your designated ship.

If you can choose your accommodation, do so wisely. RocApply is here to make this as seamless as possible through the facilitation of accommodation booking that will suite your style with ease!

We know it is really important to feel at home and have a place of your own to study, that’s why we have a team that is dedicated to helping you find a place to live.

Whether you are thinking about coming to study in Belgium, are a current student, or just going to be visiting, we can help you with your accommodation options ranging from student hostels to hotel options. We make it easy to find the best Belgium hostel deals for your study abroad.

 With an outstanding selection, easy-to-use search tools, and descriptive dormitories, you'll find Belgium deals in a wink. We are committed to making sure our students do not struggle to find accommodation once they have landed in Belgium with our accommodation partners!

Be sure you go through this guide to decide what accommodation suits you best! As you plan your international education, it’s important to consider what type of accommodation you will be most comfortable living in.

There are several opportunities for students in Belgium. You can opt between a host family, in a hostel, apartment, student halls, residential colleges, or private rental property.

Remember, your choice of home can have a serious impact on your studies, health, and overall well-being. While there can be a multitude of choices, getting the right one can make your study experience a fulfilling and smoother one.

 Many students opt to live at the university or college or live with a local family when they first arrive. This allows you to become familiar with your new town and instantly have a network of people to support you.

Living with your friends in a rental property outside of the campus can be one of the most cost-saving options but this option does mean you’ll be living closely with other people. Here are some common house rules to help your new household run smoothly if you intend to study in Belgium.

 There are many different types of accommodation for students in Belgium. At RocApply we know that accommodation is an essential component of an enjoyable study abroad. This is a good option for travelers and students who want freedom and independence.

The apartments in Belgium with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms are typically furnished according to the Belgian characteristics. You will have more independence and the opportunity to cook your meals.

 Single or double rooms are usually offered in the same apartments. Cooking and chores are done by the students themselves. The apartments are generally without much supervision and are self-catering, but they are close to local amenities like cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, and bus stops.

On the other hand, staying in a homestay is an incredible opportunity to forge meaningful connections within the culture while studying abroad in Belgium.


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