Study in Bangladesh

Studying abroad is everyone’s dream especially in an amazing country full of sites and places to explore. RocApply welcomes you to Bangladesh Study Abroad! For the adventurous student looking to explore the path less traveled.

Bangladesh's sprawling beaches, hilly landscapes, and countless historic treasures are irresistible. Studying here is something that will couple your memory for a lifetime!

This little-known Asian country boasts an interesting mix of culture, heritage, and natural attractions and shares a border with other worthy destinations in Asia like India and Burma, making it a perfect stop on a pilgrimage on the region.

To the south is the scenic Bay of Bengal, which offers exciting aquatic activities that you can immerse into on your weekend holidays as away from classroom lectures.

Scholars have begun to consider this country as a viable study abroad option in recent years for its wonderful scenery! From enchanting river journeys and treks along the hilly trails of Chittagong to the intriguing cityscape of Dhaka, Bangladesh is truly a wonderful place to get lost in.

Unknown to even the most seasoned travelers is the innate potential of Bangladesh. Its primeval forests are home to mighty Bengal tigers, while scenic plains pave way for mile after mile of rolling tea gardens.

Hidden here is the world’s longest natural beach, known as Cox’s Bazar that you wouldn’t want to miss with your friends on vacations.

There’re also many underdeveloped shorelines offering peace, quiet and a rawness that make them even more beautiful. Beyond the picturesque views, tribal destinations, and historic mosques, the country commands mysterious archeological sites and unbelievable temples built entirely out of red soil.

Apart from that, there is so,much more to explore as a student here. National monuments stand as evidence to Bangladesh’s rich history. Archeological landmarks mark ancient sites like the Mahasthangar mound, which is said to be the oldest in the country that you should visit whatsoever.

If you are religious person then the consider exploring large churches, iconic shrines, mosques, and towering old temples show diversity in religious influences.

You will find ancient Buddhist kingdoms in Ramgamati. The 1857 Memorial in Dhaka is one example, along with other statues within the gorgeous Bahadur Shah Park. Active travelers will appreciate the wilderness escapades Bangladesh has to explore.

Bangladesh is home to several national parks and well-preserved conservation spots that boast magnificent animal, plant and bird life perfectly suiting for exploration.

Over the last twenty years, Bahrain has undergone an explosion of four- and five-star resorts with no end to the hospitality they offer. All the big names are here, with each vying to outdo the rest for facilities and refreshment.

The country is an easy country to get to with three international airports namely Shahjalal in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Flying between major cities and popular attractions is possible, but locals prefer to travel either by bus or taxi.

Most students here opt for the waterways, not only for the stunning views, but because of the range of options with boat transport. The railroad is also recommended, especially for those wanting to enjoy countryside scenes.

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About Bangladesh

We know you are still intrigued to know much about this country, exactly why we have dedicated this portion to level up your insight concerning facts about Bangladesh.

Be sure to go through this guide to comprehend what manner of country is Bangladesh! Do not only limit yourself onto this guide but also ogle through our filters across the website to widen your understanding further on other related facets.

We give you information ranging from cultural components, lifestyle, cost of living, application requirements (assuming you are a student), and flight information all inn one informative piece at RocApply!

We know most people would wonder where and what entails this beautiful country. We have outlined on this guide some of the best places and highlights you should expect once you step you feet in it.

What is Bangladesh known for?

There are two famous natural wonders in Bangladesh, the Sundarbans National Park, which is home to the largest mangrove forest in the world, and Cox’s Bazar, the longest untouched natural sand beach in the world.

Cox’s Bazar: Located in the Chittagong Division of southeastern Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest sea beach, stretching 74.5 miles along the coast. It is known for its surf waves, breathtaking cliffs, and is home to Buddhist churches, tribal areas, waterfalls, and a lively market run by crafts makers in the village proper. We recommended you to take a day trip to the nearby Ramu village for boat excursions to nearby islands.

Sundarbans National Park: The Sundarbans National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage reserve, is the world’s largest mangrove dense forest. It stretches fifty miles across Bangladesh and West Bengal, and is made up of primeval bushes and marsh areas filled with interesting wildlife. Over 400 Royal Bengal tigers live within the Sundarbans, along with a unique blend of flora and fauna. Visitors come here to spot leopards, saltwater crocodiles, various primates, insects, fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Chittagong Hill Tracts: The hill region points to the districts of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari. All three are popular holiday retreats for their beautiful landscapes, lakes, drives, trails, Buddhist heritage, and gleaming tribes. Rangamati is of particular interest because of its hanging bridge and museum, while Bandarban and Khagrachari are the best starting points for uphill treks.

Old Dhaka: Situated near the waterfront area in the capital, Old Dhaka is filled with lively bazaars. It is also home to cultural attractions like the National Museum and the beautiful Baitul Mukarram Mosque. Puran Dhaka is the oldest part of the city and boasts century-old buildings including the unfinished Lalbagh Qilla building.

Sonargaon: Found just outside of Dhaka, Sonargaon was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Bengal. Astonishing ruins and old buildings dating back to the Bengal era dot this ancient land. The most notable examples of architecture are the Goaldia Mosque and the Folklore Museum, which houses a numerous relics and artifacts from different cultural groups found throughout the country.


• Tour archeological sites in the northwest, including the ancient remains of Paharpur, Sherpur, and Mahasthanagarh

• Explore centuries-old mosques and religious edifices throughout the country

• Tred barefoot on the fine sands of the longest natural beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar

• Take an overnight boat trip down the scenic river between Khulna and Dhaka, or cruise the beautiful Turag waterway

About Bangladesh's Economy

We know how students get concerned about the quality of life in a foreign country! No one would just travel with an appreciation of the economy of the country of destination which is why we have dedicated this section to inform you about the economy of Bangladesh.

The information here will but only enhance your decision-making process for studying abroad here. We hope after you are done reading through you will save time to apply with RocApply to the university of your choice!

The country has made remarkable progress in reducing poverty, supported by sustained economic growth. Based on the international poverty line of $1.90 (using purchasing power parity exchange rate) a day, it reduced poverty from 44.2 percent in 1991 to 14.8 percent in 2016/17.

In parallel, life expectancy, literacy rates and per capita food production have increased significantly during this period. Progress was underpinned by steady growth in GDP, which averaged 6.5 percent in the last decade (according to official projections).

Exponential growth enabled Bangladesh to reach the lower middle-income country status in 2015. In 2018, Bangladesh accomplished all three eligibility criteria for graduation from the UN’s Least Developed Countries (LDC) list for the first time and is on track for graduation in 2024.

Bangladesh’s sustained economic growth has rapidly increased the demand for energy, transport and urbanization. Insufficient planning and investment have resulted in increasingly severe infrastructure bottlenecks, congestion and pollution.

To achieve its expansion aspiration of becoming an upper-middle income country, the government urgently needs to ensure continuity of sound macroeconomic management, implement structural reforms, expand investments in human capital, increase female labor


Bangladesh is both an inspiration and a challenge for policymakers and specialists of development. While the income growth, human development and vulnerability reduction efforts to date have been outstanding, Bangladesh faces daunting challenges with about 24 million people still living below the poverty line.

The country is at an important juncture, when with the sound policies and timely action, it can move up within the middle-income bracket. The World Bank has identified job creation as the country’s top growth priority.

Bangladesh still needs to create more and better jobs to manage the problems related to rising youth unemployment and informal nature of the jobs. To do so, the country will need to remove the barriers to higher investment posed by low access to reliable and affordable power, poor transportation infrastructure, limited availability of serviced land, uncertain and complex business regulation, among others.

DISCLAIMER: This report is on April 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached; Sources: UNDP Reports IMF Reports The Worldbank Reports

Why Study in Bangladesh

Affordable Tuition Fees in Bangladesh
Cultural Atmosphere
While there’re many reasons to come to Bangladesh, there is one impression that lasts forever when you leave; the notable kindliness of the Bangladeshi people. Making friends here is unavoidable and one that touches the lives of so many students. Bangladeshis will make you think twice about returning home after your study abroad. They strongly believe in networks and therefore you will find yourself immersing in a well-connected environment here.
Affordable Accomodation in Bangladesh
Accredited Certification
İn recent years the Bangladeshi tertiary academic sector has transitioned from traditional systems to many modernized methods. Scientific research has become the focal point for Bangladeshi institutions, thereby attracting global recognition in the academic sphere! A qualification here will propel you to greater heights on the international job market without any hassle. Students from Bangladeshi institutions are outstanding scientific and research fields!
International Environment in Bangladesh
During and after your study, one thing you will attest to is the calmness of the Bangladeshi people and their willing engagement in development circles! As a student here you will establish yourself into academic relationships that will culminate endless opportunities after your study abroad. These networks strengthen the student's understanding of the environment and avail more avenues of self-development and career advancement in different ways!!
Great Weather in Bangladesh
As they don’t often have Western tourists, the locals are extremely welcome and always curious to learn more about you. So, if you’re looking for a place with few visitors, Bangladesh is a great place to go. At RocApply, we strive to provide the most comprehensive program and study abroad listings available. This country is quiet and simple, you will enjoy your study abroad in Bangladesh once you are done applying through us!

Scholarships in Bangladesh

RocApply has decided to write a functional guide to help you understand the essential procedures and actions step by step that you need to undertake a scholarship in Bangladesh.

The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and we are committed to helping students acquire them!!

Students who require financial aid can apply for scholarships in order to study higher education at a lower cost.

There are many excellent universities in the country. The universities, colleges, and schools are well-known in the academic circle. Vast international students are willing to get an education in the best universities here.

Scholarships and grants are available for both Bangladeshis and foreign students from developing countries to study abroad alike. International and national colleges and universities offer financial aids in the form of scholarships to aspiring students.

Bangladesh Student Visa

As an aspiring student to Bangladesh, you will need a student visa that will help you to gain entry into the country without any problems. Thus RocApply has put together the requirements for a student visa in Bangladesh.

The student visa has to be obtained whilst you are in your country of origin.

This is the part that every student what to deal with once they have secured a vacancy in their Bangladeshi university selection, VISA accessibility.

We have a page dedicated to giving you consular services in whichever country you may be coming from. These will help you identify the actual website to process the student visa for you.