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For culture lovers, Baku has a selection of museums and music venues. International music festivals are held annually in the city, including the International Baku Jazz Festival and the International Rostropovich Festival and there is a thriving folk music scene.

There are many night time activities all year long and a great number of exciting discoveries all around the city. As a student, you can enjoy the many avenues to mingle and socialize in your local university or the local area, where there are student associations, clubs, events, and parties at different times in a year.

As an international student, you can make these avenues and activities into a brilliant way to make new friends and connections or find other people from the same country as you are. New students have a freshers party where they have introduced to the university campus and all the exciting things they can do as a student in Azerbaijan.

One of the best ways to find out about upcoming events is to check listings in the local English-language media. Details of English-language newspapers, radio, and TV can be found in this section. As the world is adapting to technological advancements, it would be ideal to rely on social media platforms for adverts on places that a student can visit so as to unwind and get to enjoy the nightlife in Azerbaijan.

Madrid Bar in Azerbaijan

Madrid bar is located in the heart of the capital city and is a one-stop nightspot you would not want to miss. The atmosphere of this bar experiences a juxtaposition of cozy and crazy. Showcasing the art of bartending in the city, the bar is famous for its drink mixes blended with the Spanish touch that is bound to make your night. This is the best place to hop on if you are holidaying in Azerbaijan with your friends or partner as this bar enthralls its guests with its amazing and lively ambiance.

William Shakespeare in Azerbaijan

This is one a perfect place to have guys or “boys” night out. William Shakespeare is a sports bar serving Mexican cuisine and loads of beer. With live bands performing, fellow visitors trying their hands on the pool table, the sound of beer glasses clinking, and people having a gala time, will certainly make one want to stop the clock then and there.

  • Some tips that can come in handy when looking for a great night out:
  • It is advisable to call up the bar you’re heading to beforehand and make reservations. You may be denied access without prior bookings.
  • Look the part through dressing up to go to the bar or restaurants. Do not walk into these bars in your casual attire. Make some efforts and dress nicely for the dinner or parties in the clubs.
  • Baku drivers tend to drive very fast. Avoid driving on the streets of Baku when drunk.
  • It is advised to not accept any drinks from strangers as they might be spiked.

"A lot of places to go out for a drink" - Anna from Russia

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