Application Requirements for Azerbaijan Universities

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  • Follow our step by step guide to finding all that it entails applying to universities in Azerbaijan.
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Documents Required For Admission

RocApply application form CV/Resume Academic transcripts
In order to register for university, a student should submit an application letter addressed to the rector of particular educational institution indicating the specialty, language of study; Diploma and transcripts from prior high school or university studies (translated to the required languages and notarized copies);
Health certificate (reference confirming that the person is not a carrier of a virus of any disease including AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C);
High school diploma (for undergraduate studies) Master’s degree certificate (for Ph.D. studies) Bachelor’s degree certificate (for masters studies)
International passport; Letters of recommendation (for postgraduate studies) Copies of other certificates and diplomas.
6 photos (3*4 sized); Letter of Purpose Proof of English knowledge (IELTS, TOEFL scores)
Language Certificate (if available); Application fee payment receipt (depends with the University) Other

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