Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)


Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

Number of students
6250€ - 7500€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
November 15, May 17
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

MCI cooperates with RocApply and invites you to apply for one of its bachelor's, masters, and doctorate programs in the beautiful Innsbruck district in Austria.

Through our very unique online platform, the application process is thorough, but simplified, so that you can apply for your desired program and complete all the procedures as quickly as possible.

Although different requirements apply to different procedures, the general standards are given below. In the course of applying for an MCI degree, it is checked whether applicants meet the admission requirements.

Application Steps:

Step 1 - Online Application: Application Dossier, CV & Motivation

The application consists of a detailed application dossier (tabular curriculum vitae, school / professional/academic/social achievements, study / professional goals, etc.). The application should show why the applicant is interested in the degree and which professional and personal goals one would like to achieve with the degree.

Step 2 - Written Entrance Exam

If the admission requirements are met, you will be invited to the written entrance examination.

Written entrance exam - bachelor's degree

Written entrance exam - master’s degree

Step 3 - Personal Interview

All participants are invited to an interview conducted personally or via digital media, in which the application, the study objectives, and the applicant's motivation are discussed.

The following documents are attached to the online application:

  • Motivation letter
  • A tabular curriculum vitae (not handwritten)
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of passport extract or front and back of ID card (unprocessed)
  • Current passport photo
  • Graduation certificate from a vocational middle school/apprenticeship certificate (if applicable)
  • Matura/matriculation certificate or the last available annual certificate (if applicable)
  • Proof of the university entrance qualification examination / vocational maturity examination (if applicable)
  • Proof of professional activities or internships (if applicable)
  • Proof of further education and training (if applicable)

When applying for a master’s degree, the following are also required:

  • Diploma certificate as proof of completion of at least 3 years of study or confirmation of a prospective degree or an equivalent national/international education
  • Bachelor / Master / Diploma certificate (if applicable)
  • Diploma Supplement (if applicable)
  • Transcript of Records (overview of all courses completed)
  • For English-language master’s courses: if applicable, proof of the required English language skills (more information on the website of the respective master’s course)

After the application documents have been sent, they will be checked for compliance with the admission criteria. If the admission requirements are met, applicants will be invited by email to the entrance exam and an interview.

The online application can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later point in time, subject to the application deadlines.

An application for several courses of study at the same time is possible if the respective motives are conclusively explained.

Applications for English programs are only accepted in English.

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors


Select your Bachelor program

Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

Select your field of study for Masters


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Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) in Rankings

  • CHE Ranking - 42 outstanding ratings
  • Top 25 Performer  U-Multirank 2020
  • Global Top 50 (Eduniversal 2020)
  • 1.66 ratings in Industry Magazine Ranking 2020

Tuition and Scholarships at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

MCI | Innsbruck’s Entrepreneurial University® combines the elements of universities, business schools, graduate schools, technical schools, companies, and consultants to form a unique concept: representing science, research and continuing education, internationality, quality, practicality, and innovation Sex, cooperation with economics, solution-oriented research and development, first-class infrastructure, customer and service centricity, and international reputation.

Students pay tuition fees and registration fees at the beginning of an academic semester, tuition fees vary under certain circumstances.

The tuition fee for new students from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland is €363 per semester.

Students outside the European Union must pay €6,250 per semester in the bachelor's program and €7,500 per semester in the master's program.

After entering the elective courses, if you have citizenship in the EU/EEA or Switzerland, you need to pay €726; if you have citizenship in other countries, you need to pay €12,500 for a bachelor's degree program or €15,000 for a master's degree.

This fee is equivalent to the tuition for the first academic year and must be paid in installments as the first installment. In the first two semesters after you start learning, this fee will be included in your teaching. In addition, each Austrian student association will charge a membership fee of €20.20.

Scholarships at MCI

Ban Ki-Moon Scholarship Program

This is an external scholarship scheme organized by the Secretary-General of the United Nations under the eighth United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) project. This fund is provided to local and international students in these categories:

For all master's programs: citizens of countries outside the EU

For all administrative master programs: all citizens

Students who are committed to and show great promise towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and strive to further participate in and promote these goals during their studies.

Suitable for beginners who must pay the current annual tuition.

A one-time scholarship of up to €10,000 to cover the current (part of) the student’s annual tuition.

The amount of the scholarship can compensate the corresponding tuition for the first academic year. It cannot be used to pay for other expenses such as travel, accommodation, etc.

Cost of living at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

330 - 700 Euro / month
600 Euro / month
Cost of living
300 - 400 Euro / month
60 Euro / month

About Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

MCI Management Center Innsbruck is a private business school in Innsbruck, Austria. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as executive master’s programs (MBA, MSC, and LL.M.), executive certificate programs, management seminars, custom courses, and research opportunities.

As an entrepreneurial school, MCI is in a position to establish important links between university, faculty, business school, science-related and Business University.

It represents a strong system that well incorporates teaching and higher education, research and development, knowledge transfer, and early innovations.

The Innsbruck Management Center combines the best science, economics, and consulting services with the unique philosophy of the International Business School®.

It represents internationalization, academic level progress, strategic planning, innovation, collaboration with industry, research and development, first-class systems, advanced clients, and service improvement, as well as international reputation.

The study programs offered at MCI at bachelors and master's level as well as the post-graduate training programs guarantee training and further education at the highest level of content.

The imparted content is aimed at all levels of personality and includes economically and socially relevant knowledge based on the latest scientific and practical knowledge.

In close cooperation with committed sponsors, foreign sponsors, and partners, the MCI is an important engine in positioning Innsbruck, Tyrol, and Austria as a center for scientific debate and international encounters.

As an entrepreneurial university®, the MCI is also an important source of inspiration, promotes the competitiveness of organizations, and contributes to the professionalization of business, administration, politics, and culture.

Applied research and development are particularly important for strengthening the innovative strength of domestic companies and for ensuring quality-oriented teaching.


At the MCI, research is seen as part of the societal mission of universities to drive social and economic growth. Against this background, a continuous increase in quality in teaching, engagement in and exchange with the academic community (publications in scientific journals, participation, and organization of conferences, etc.), and above all research relevance in practice are strived for.

Research at the MCI focuses on the solution-oriented connection between theory and practice to provide innovations for competitive advantage and secure business locations. The entrepreneurial approach gives research at the MCI a key role in technology and knowledge transfer.

The international orientation of students and employees opens up an international partner network from science, business, and society.

This strengthens the quality of research and gives corporate partners access to the latest developments in order to face technological and social challenges with foresight.

The solution and result orientation is the central research approach, which is developed in a cooperative form with the research and corporate partners so that an impact can be achieved in an economic and social sense.

The knowledge transfer to be achieved here is lived in numerous projects in close cooperation with clients and research partners to ultimately enable employees to develop further in the field of applied R&D.

Also, the MCI makes a recognizable academic-theoretical contribution to research. With numerous scientific publications (specialist journals, conference papers, reports, monographs, books, book chapters, etc.), our researchers secure a place in the academic community and contribute to the sustainable communication of current research results. 


As part of the first semester Welcome, the MCI welcomes its first-year students at the beginning of their studies in autumn. On this occasion, there is information, exciting and worth knowing about the MCI, its university services, and the university city of Innsbruck.

The first-semester Bachelor and Master students, as well as the incoming students, have the opportunity to get to know the comprehensive range of MCI University Services better with the respective contact persons, to get first-hand information, and to make contacts with fellow students from other courses in a cozy atmosphere.

Why Study at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

Internationally Accredited

Highly regarded and internationally accredited, the university certification is world class, hence chances of internship recognition and employment after successful graduation are high.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern style and design campus with 21st century infrastructure and facilities. Students can immerse into a healthy learning environment offered by the institute.

International Study Environment

A largely diversified, friendly and united racial environment (students from over 50 countries), hence new students can easily assimilate and feel at home

Competent Staff

The institution has a diverse group of lecturers with substantial experience, having worked with respected international organizations worldwide.

Accommodation Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

On Campus Accomodation at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

The MCI offers its students an excellent infrastructure with an attractively equipped seminar, IT and group workrooms, state-of-the-art research facilities, nearby student residences, convenient parking, and first-class accessibility by public transport.

The proximity to the lively Innsbruck old town, the Tyrolean Mountains within reach, the numerous sports and leisure opportunities, and the central location between Germany, Switzerland, and Italy guarantee a unique ambiance.

As an attractive tourist destination and an international student, congress, and Olympic city, Innsbruck has an extremely wide range of accommodation options in dormitories, private rooms, shared apartments, etc.

We are pleased to be able to bring you closer to Innsbruck student residences in the following brochure and wish you every success in your search and choice of your accommodation.

Off Campus Accomodation at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

The Austrian Agency for International Mobility and Cooperation in Education, Science, and Research (OeAD) arranges rooms in student dormitories for a small monthly fee. The process is relatively straightforward.

The MCI cooperates with the International Student House (ISH).

Students can also contact the home operator directly - this saves any fees. However, many home operators only rent their rooms for at least twelve months and in many cases, the documents to be filled in are only available in German.

The private housing market in Innsbruck is very tense at the beginning of the semester, but with the right commitment, it is possible to find a room in a shared apartment or a studio apartment.


Sports at Management Center Innsbruck (MCI)

Close cooperation with the Sports Institute of the University Of Innsbruck (USI) gives MCI students a wide range of opportunities on the most modern sports facilities in great conditions.

Let's win together” is the common motto of the Entrepreneurial University® and the European Champions League winner in American football and multiple Austrian champions Swarco Raiders Tirol.

The Swarco Raiders Tirol is the inspiring MCI college team, and the MCI is the home college of the Swarco Raiders Tirol. Together we are committed to sporting fairness and promote performance, success, encounters, exchange, and internationality of motivated people and our university location.

The combination of sport and education is a common and integral part of successful educational approaches at universities and colleges in many countries.

The newly defined partnership between Swarco Raiders Tirol and the Entrepreneurial University® uses these promising synergies and, true to the American model of college football, combines highly professional amateur sport with education at the highest level. Sports activities include American Football, Basketball, and Cheerleading.

Innsbruck is located in the heart of the Alps, and a venue for two Winter Olympic Games, the city stands as a tourist haven and a hub for leisure, sports, and recreation.

The student body at MCI offers a comprehensive range of services and is always looking for committed students.

MCI students can get involved in a variety of ways alongside their studies. This is how you discover and promote your interests and talents independently, take responsibility, and/or do service to society. Use the time of your studies and expand your competence profile through additional initiatives - this increases your employability sustainably.

The MCI provides access to a wide range of extracurricular and co-curricular offers that complement and enrich the regular course of study.

Students can independently choose which skills they want to sharpen and expand to later differentiate themselves positively in the labor market.

About Innsbruck

This breathtaking city is nestled between majestic mountains, a unique combination of nature, history, and culture. You can stroll through the streets of the Old Town full of Baroque and Gothic buildings, or explore one of the trendy areas, such as Mariahilf or St. University students in Innsbruck like to drink Nicholas.

Then, you can take a cable car from the city center to Seegrube at 2,000 m (6562 ft.) in 20 minutes. Here, you can enjoy the magnificent views of the Inn Valley and surrounding mountains.

From the famous dance summer to Innsbruck festival week, the city’s various attractions and beautiful scenery combine to make Innsbruck a destination for everyone.

Innsbruck is a magnificent city, offering architectural wonders, a variety of restaurants, and excellent shopping venues.

Explore Innsbruck’s picturesque old town, then head to the city’s most famous landmark, the Golden Dachl (Goldenness Dachl).

Stroll along the lively Maria Theresien Street and stop at the Gault Millau award-winning restaurant Das Schindler to enjoy delicious cuisine.

If you are in the mood, you can explore the young and fashionable district of Innsbruck: Mariahilf, St. Nikolaus, and Wilten Square have unique local shops, vegan restaurants, and unique bars such as Kater Noster, John Montagu, or M+M Bar. Or visit unusual museums, such as the Grassmayr Bell Foundry.

Do you need the glory of an empire? Ambra Castle, with its magnificent gardens, small waterfalls, and wide peacocks, will take you back to the Renaissance period.

The Forbidden City, Ottoburg Palace, and Wilten Cathedral all tell the glorious history of Innsbruck, including Andreas Hofer, the secret wife of Innsbruck Ferdinand I, the secret wife of Tyrolean freedom fighter Philip Welsh and the last but not least Emperor Maximilian I.

Among the surviving monuments, today is the golden roof and his tomb in the imperial church.

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