Master's in Strategic Finance & Business Analytics (MA)
Lauder Business School

Degree: Master's in Strategic Finance & Business Analytics (MA)
Program Language: English
Admission Semester: Fall (September)
Start Date: January Intake
Program Duration: (2 yrs) 4 semesters


Semester Tuition Fees: 727 Euro
Other Fees: The tuition fees reflected above is for Non-EU students. In case of extension, extra fees will be charged. Please pay attention to the acceptance letter for actual amounts to be paid.
Cost of living: 980 - 1030 Euros per month
Job opportunities: Part-time jobs for students are competitive throughout the city.These part-time jobs usually pay from 300 to 500 euros depending on the type of work.
Funding opportunities within the university: Universities usually offer part-time opportunities to students who constantly excel academically.

Program details

Educational organisation: Lauder Business School
Study abroad: Opportunity Available
Internships: Opportunity Available
Form of assessment: GPA Grade
ECTS credits: Each course in the program (Electives & Prerequisites) commands a certain amount of credit points.
Program objectives: Strategic Finance & Business Analytics (MA)

Minimum cost of living

Accomodation: 400 - 450 Euro / month
Food: 250 Euro / month
Cost of living: 980 Euro / month
Transportation: 30 Euro / month


Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements: Bachelor's Degree & Transcript

1. Bachelor's Degree & Transcript

2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

3. Passport Copy


Arrival support: Support Available - Provided by the university
Services and support for international students: Support Available - Provided by the university

*Off-Campus options available

*On-Campus options available


About Lauder Business School:

Founded in 2003 as a Jewish initiative, Lauder Business School (LBS) is geared to students seeking an educational experience that will give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding professional workplace. With its student-centered learning model led by a faculty of outstanding academic and business professionals, LBS prepares its students for leadership careers in business. Our faculty members come from various disciplinary backgrounds including business administration, economics, law, political science, IT, psychology, and philosophy. Their expertise is complemented by a shared commitment to LBS’s inspired vision of a higher educational experience that prepares students to be serious players in their chosen field.


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About Austria:

Austria, largely mountainous landlocked country of South-Central Europe and is a great place for future international students like you. It has very affordable tuition fees and The quality of life is very high.

About the city:

Vienna is Austria's most populous city and its culturaleconomic, and political center. It is the 6th-largest city by population within city limits in the European UnionIf you wish to study in a city that combines history and tradition with a modern spirit and an incomparable cultural life, then Vienna might be the perfect study destination for you.