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Student Life in Austria

Student life in Austria is very exciting and educating as the experience alone leaves a lasting memory. Austria has been dubbed one of the world’s most livable countries thanks to its secure cities and environmentally conscious people.

Austria is well known across Europe for its leading transport system that students enjoy favorably, their leading economic and social visibility and their interesting array of cultural activities.

Discover world-famous artworks and spends a great amount of time in any of the many museums across the country. The view of Austrias many city skylines over some of the most historic architecture is second to none.

As a student, you will quickly get fond of the German word ‘gmialitch’ which means ‘to be relaxed’ use as a way of encouraging students to take things one step at a time.

Student life in Austria is not only focused on academics, but they are also the grounds for getting together and making new friends, both local and from around the world.

Social events such as outdoor music festivals or concerts are very popular in many student cities and communities. The typical Austrian lifestyle pays homage to the arts and as such foreign students become a part of this lifestyle thanks to the many creative outlets that the university environment promptly promotes.

Life as a student will not be complete without trying Austrian cuisine. You may want to indulge in a ‘Käsekrainer’ sausage at any local street food stalls famously known as ‘Würstelstand’. One very recognizable dessert option for students in Austria is the very delicious Apfelstrudel, a delight many taste buds would love.

Go on the move to any of the many natural locations for hiking, biking or significantly skiing - one of the favorite sports in Austria. Interestingly, student culture encourages adventure-led activities and sports and recreational facilities are present on every university campus in the country.

One common word that you will hear among students and amongst the locals is ‘Oida’ which means ‘Guy or Dude’. The word now literally translates to just about anything from an exclamation to a term of endearment.

Wherever you are in Austria, note that this term is friendly and in no way offensive. Other words that foreigners have to acquaınt themselves to include ‘Leiwand’ – meaning ‘I like this’, and ‘Griass eng’ – meaning ‘Hello’.

Another beautiful facet of student life in Austria is the chance to travel around Europe, and explore the continent with no stress at all. Students find easy access to Western and Eastern Europe not only because Austria is an EU member but also because of the country’s geographical location.

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