Shopping in Austria

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Shopping in Austria

The most affordable supermarkets in Austria are Hofer and Billa, because of their discount prices and inexpensive quality items. Students frequent these stores to get good deals on a variety of items, both food, and groceries.

Supermarket chains in Austria and what they offer;

Organic Foods Supermarkets Discount Supermarkets Locally owned supermarkets

  • Denn’s Biomarkt Hofer Etsa
  • Basic Billa MPreis
  • Lidl Sutterlüty
  • Norma Unimarkt

International supermarket chains like Spar and Metro have branches across Austria as well. Additionally, one interesting thing in Austria is the presence of local markets, small convenience stores, and shopping streets around the country.

Shopping streets in Austria house several boutiques, retail outlets, local shops, farmer's markets, butchers and even big-name supermarkets. These streets are vibrant and an important cultural aspect of the Austrian lifestyle.

Shopping streets according to cities;


  • Landstraßer Hauptstraße
  • Favoritenstraße
  • Mariahilfer Straße


  • Linzergasse
  • Kapuzinerberg


  • Herrengasse
  • Sackstraße
  • Main square Graz


Maria Theresein-Straße: Europe’s best-kept shopping boulevard located in the heart of the city with a historical outtake. The shopping street is a welcome environment with many boutiques, local markets, and shops, etc.


  • Linzer Landstraße
  • Neuer Dom

St. Poltën

  • Kremsergasse


  • Kaiserstraße

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