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Scholarships to study in Austria

Higher education is free for students from countries in the EU/EEA and Switzerland. This is as a result of the binging laws and agreements that exist across the union. Non-EU/EEA students will have to pay a nominal tuition fee of around €650 to 730 per semester.

However, the fee is quite nominal compared to the quality of education, the stunning landscapes, the robust student life and the many vibrant cities that the country has to offer.

Thankfully, there are many scholarship schemes that are readily available for international students. These scholarships reward academic excellence, social achievements and even talents or skills. Scholarships in Austria come in the form of partial or full tuition waivers, grants, stipends, job employment, and research funding.

Some scholarships open to foreign students in Austria include;

OFID Scholarship Awards:

This scholarship is available for students from developing countries studying in Austria. The scholarship scheme is available for students taking courses in the OFID’s core fields or sustainability, poverty eradication, renewable energy, and environment or in any similar fields in science and technology.

  • Please note that only OFID member states are eligible to apply; these include countries like Nigeria, Libya, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Venezuela, etc. The scholarship covers the students’ tuition and other academic fees with additional stipends every month.

The Austrian Government Federal Aid:

This aid offers study grants or study allowances for certain areas of study. The vale of the grants offered is between €500 and €900 every month. This scholarship is also open to all levels of study and caters majorly to students from countries outside the EU-EEA area.

One-World Scholarship: this scholarship is offered by the Afro-Asian Institute in Salzburg, Austria. The committee is poised to assist students opting to study at post-graduate levels of Masters or Ph.D. in any participating university or institution in Salzburg.

They offer financial grants that cover the student's entire tuition for the duration of their program. To be eligible for this grant, the student must be from African, Asian or Latin American countries that are stipulated and must not be older than 30 years of age.

Austria Scholarships for International Students:

The scholarship board in Austria offers grants, funding, and scholarships to deserving students from other countries. The scholarship is offered at all levels; Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D. for programs in Medicine, Technology, Sciences, Agriculture, Arts, and Humanities, etc.

All foreign nationals are invited to apply for this scholarship and it covers tuition, travel allowance and even accommodation allowance. According to the scholarship stipulation, students are also eligible to receive living allowances for the duration of their program as well.

Research Grants and Fellowships:

Many Austrian universities have research centers that offer foreign students a myriad of opportunities. One is in the form of ‘fellowships’.

As a fellow, the student receives grants for their research work or they receive financial aid towards their academic programs. Endeavor to check with your respective institution for further information on eligibility, availability, and requirements.

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