Night Life In Austria

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Night Life In Austria

Student life in Austria is incomplete without visiting the night scene across major cities in the country. Party lovers and nightcrawlers would easily satisfy their nighttime cravings in cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Linz, Graz, etc.

Nightlife in Vienna:

The country’s capital has earned quite a reputation as one of the top tourist locations in Austria. The many exciting sights and sounds that can be explored during the day give way for an even more exciting night time experience.

Fancy a very unique dining experience or a visit to a music concert, the city has all these many locations to satisfy your cravings. Club goers and party lovers are not left as well, as many night-life establishments are world-famous for their aesthetics.

Must-visit spots in Vienna:

  • Albertina passage
  • Praterdome
  • Babenberger passage

Nightlife in Innsbruck:

Famously called a university town, this city has a very strong student presence. Nightlife in Innsbruck is an integral part of student culture and even the tourists and locals indulge in the vibrant activities that the city embodies.

From fine dining to kick the night off, to dance parties and clubbing what can you not do while in Innsbruck?

Must-visit spots in Innsbruck:

  • Club Clique,
  • Zappa Music Bar
  • M+M Bar.

Nightlife in Salzburg:

The royal capital of Austria, this city transforms from the very bursting daytime to very relaxed night time. It is typical to find night long parties and events that run till the break of day.

The night scene equally attracts a very trendy crop of people with many of the nıcest spots located just a few blocks from each other. Pub crawl, anyone?

Must-visit spots in Salzburg:

  • Pepe cocktail bar
  • Rockhouse bar
  • Celtic spirit.

Nightlife in Graz:

As the second biggest city in Austria, Graz is home to some of the best traditional locations in Austria. A pride of central Europe, Graz has multiple visitors every year. The famous Irish pubs in the city have become a major fixture for many of its inhabitants.

Must-visit spots in Graz:

  • M1 & Flan O’Brien
  • Pharmacy Bar
  • Bau Graz.

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