Jobs for Students in Austria

Jobs for Students in Austria

As a way to support their education and living situation in Austria, students can seek out different ways to rake in some money while studying as well. In Austria, foreign students can work part-time for not more than 20 hours per week. Also, as long as the student remains enrolled in a study program in Austria, they can work and earn money without needing any work permit.

Some common ways to make money in Austria are either working paid jobs at restricted hours, working on your university campus, jobs online or service jobs that require talent or skill. Some of the job opportunities easily open to students include;

Weekend Jobs:

In Austria, it is commonplace to see many international students pick up weekend jobs or Saturday jobs. These jobs are a perfect way for the student to earn money on the side and still keep up with their academics.

Students work mostly for 10 hours on the weekend and get paid somewhere between €300 to €400 at the end of the month. Please bear in mind that these jobs vary between location and might include odd jobs or manual labor, however, they are not exploitative and require zero to basic knowledge of German.

Part-Time Jobs:

Part-time jobs are a lot like weekend jobs but they require longer hours and more commitment. Part-time jobs are usually done 20 hours weekly and can be distributed according to the student’s study schedules or individual capacity.

Part-time jobs include Tutoring a foreign language, restaurant waiters, bartenders, delivery jobs, salesperson, store clerks, cashiers, hotel staff and a lot more. These jobs pay amounts somewhere between €800 to €1000 per month. 

Internships: Internships are part-time jobs in professional or career establishments. Internships are not only rewarding financially, but they are also very important career-building blocks. Students gain important field knowledge and experience through internships at professional spaces related directly to their field of study.

Internship opportunities in Austria are very broad and are available in several areas or professions. Some universities also have internships as a requirement for the completion of a university degree.

Typically, working hours are usually 40 hours per week but the earnings are still in the part-time salary range. On the plus side, internships are an excellent way to move from the classroom and gain the needed practical knowledge.

Jobs on Campus:

Students can find employment opportunities right within their university campus. These include jobs in the faculty administration, jobs in the international student branch of their university, roles in many clubs and associations, jobs in their faculty cafe or restaurant, jobs in the library or school reservatories.

Additionally, post-graduate students can be employed as teaching assistants or research assistants in their respective departments. These jobs are very lucrative as they offer scholarships and funding along with monthly stipends for the students’ upkeep.

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