Austria Student Visa Requirements


Austria Visa Requirements

Student visa for EU/EEA citizens;

Students who are nationals of any EU, EEA country or Switzerland do not eat a visa to enter or reside in Austria for a period of 3 months. They enjoy the benefits of easy movement and domicile.

The only document required is a valid passport, travel document or national identity card. However, study periods are usually for more than one year, therefore they require an Austrian residence permit to continue staying in the country.

Additionally, upon arrival, they will need to register at the registration office (Meldeamt) close to them or anywhere in the country.

Student visa for Non-EU/EEA citizens;

Students who are nationals of other countries outside the EU or EEA, need a visa to gain entry into Austria or they need a student permit for study periods longer than 6 months to live and study in the country.

Some students need both the visa and the permit to come into the country and to pick up residence as a student in Austria. Students who are citizens of countries where a visa is required must apply for a D-Visa at the embassy or consulate in their home country.

Generally, any length of stay in the country that is longer than 6 months requires a student residence permit that can be obtained a minimum of three months ahead at the Austrian Embassy or consulate in the student’s home country.

The average cost of a student visa or permit is approximately €100. The residence permit is typically for one year and is renewable.

Checklist of documents required;

  • International passport or travel ID (valid for at least 6 months prior)
  • Application form for an Austrian visa
  • Acceptance letter from an accredited institution in Austria
  • Two passport photographs
  • Copies of passport pages that hold previous visas
  • Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Letter of purpose or Intent; This letter must detail the applicant’s purpose of travel
  • Flight reservation
  • Proof of accommodation; Provided by the university in the form of student housing or dormitory accommodation
  • Civil Documents; marriage certificates for couples, birth certificate for minors, etc.
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the university stating that the student has every intention to return to their home country after completing their education in Austria.
  • Proof of financial capability for the student’s study duration in the country; This can be in the form of bank statements in their name or in a sponsor’s name, a notarized sponsorship letter from the sponsor, traveler’s cheques, salary slips, credit card documents, etc.

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