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Lifestyle and Culture in Austria

Austria is one country that has a rich history, gorgeous terrains, famous landmarks, and deep-seated culture and traditions. The first point of call for understanding Austria’s wealth is to visit the imperial treasury.

On display are the Austrian imperial crown and other artifacts that symbolize royalty from the unmatched Roman empire. Some of the historic items housed here are of huge value religiously or symbolically.

The government and people of Austria are very environmentally conscious and as such over the years there has been an increase in the use of hydropower as a form of electricity.

More than half of the country’s energy source now comes from the flow of water. As well as other forms of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind, the electricity dependency on sources other than fossil fuels have reached a significant 60%.

Notable Austrians in history include Ludwig van Beethoven, a German-born Austrian composer who is a famous classical pianist. He is heralded for creating some of the best classical music in history and to date.

Of his many successful creations, include nine symphonies and thirty-two piano sonatas. One other well-known fixture in Austria is Ferdinand Porscha, famous for having some of the best inventions in the automotive space. To date, his automobile company, Porsche, is one of the priciest cars in the market.

Austrian cuisine is traditionally composed of several influences from the former Austro-Hungarian empire. Over the years several regional and continental influences have greatly contributed to what is Austrian cuisine today. ‘Apfelstrudel’ is a traditional Viennese pastry that is now an Austrian staple. The snack consists of a curved pastry that is filled with apple gratings which complemented with cinnamon, brown sugar, breadcrumbs or even maple syrup.

Another household staple in Austria is ‘Wiener schnitzel’, which is well-loved among Austrians and has been called their national dish. The dish is made traditional by beating a piece of meat and coating with bread crumbs, flour, and egg, then deep-frying over hot olive oil.

The Tiergarten Schönbrunn zoo located in the capital city Vienna has been dubbed the world's oldest zoo and truthfully so. First opened its doors in 1752, the zoo today is a UNESCO world heritage site. With more than 700 species, the zoo has a very wide variety of animal species, some of which are even in danger of going extinct.

Alpine skiing is a very significant sport for the people of Austria. Because of the countries eclectic mountainous terrain, alpine skiing, and other sports like snowboarding and ski jumping are very well accommodated in the region.

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