Application Requirements for Austria Universities

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Application Requirements for Austria Universities

As an international student looking forward to starting your university education in Austria, then RocApply is the perfect tool for you. Our hands-on admission process is very straightforward and full-proof.

Our students are also very involved every step of the way and we offer excellent advice based on our unmatched experience.
Some important tips to note before submitting your application are;

  • Begin your application process as early as possible, so as to have enough time for the university to decide
  • Gather all the necessary documents timely and carefully.
  • Many institutions in Austria require that foreign documents should be legalized and translated to Austrian. You will be advised if this is required of you.
  • Scan all your documents clearly and visibly.
  • Passport photographs must be clear and in 300 dpi resolution
  • All documents must be in PDF format
  • All photos must be in JPEG or PNG format.

The general documents required for admission into any Austrian university includes;

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (Authenticated and Translated)
  • International Passport or Travel ID (data page)
  • Passport photograph (to be uploaded)
  • Special entrance qualification (as determined by the university or the department of choice)
  • Language Proficiency: Many institutions offer lessons in German or English, therefore proficiency levels in any of the two languages is very important. Students from German-speaking or English-speaking countries are exempted. B2 certificates exams are needed for German-taught programs while IELTS or TOEFL is needed for English-taught programs.
  • Academic Transcripts for masters and doctorate students (transcripts must detail all the courses taken in their last two years of study and the grades received)
  • Bachelors or Masters certificate for advanced students (Authenticated and Translated)

Universities in Austria reserve the right to request any further documentation for acceptance, as many universities and their programs have varying requirements for student admission.

Please note that the special entrance qualification is a document from an accredited body in the country where you completed your last education, stating that you have permission to study your chosen degree program there.

Students who do not have adequate proficiency levels in German or English will be enrolled in a compulsory one-year preparatory program before they begin their courses officially.

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