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Student Accommodation in Austria

Foreign students in Austria typically have to find their own accommodation as universities in the country do not offer campus housing to students. The two main types of housing options include residence halls or private housing.

Campus housing or dormitories are seldom available in the country, international students utilize the service of the OeAD or OH (Austrian exchange service and Austrian Student Union) to scout for good housing that is favorable to their individual budgets.

  • Tip: It is important to begin your search early enough so that you can have options and find housing that best suits your needs.

Private Housing:

Private accommodation is very popular amongst student communities, they are fondly called ‘Wohngemeinschaften’. Students opt to share a private one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

The rental costs and utilities are split evenly among the students. Shared flats are not only economic they are also beneficial both socially and academically.

The average cost for a shared apartment is somewhere between €250 to €450 for monthly rent, considering factors like the location or the amenities provided.

Student Resident Halls:

This option has a dormitory-styled living arrangement. The apartments come in single units or combined units that can accommodate three to four students in one space.

This type of housing comes with a private bathroom and a shared main communal kitchen that is big enough for all the occupants of the apartment.

These resident halls are very advantageous in the sense that they are usually in close proximity to the university or they have easy transport access to and from the university. Student dorms typically cost somewhere between €200 to €550 varying from city to city.

  • Tip: Contracts are signed after a house is rented, however, please ensure to read through and understand your contract, check that certain amenities are offered and if utility costs are included in the rent.

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