Study in Australia

Looking to study abroad in one of the most advanced countries in the world? Then Australia is perfect for you. Every year the number of foreigners coming into the country to study is on the rise and as such Australia is now the third most popular study abroad destination for international students.

The standard of education in Australia is impeccably high and much respected in the international community. Eight of the world’s top 100 higher institutions are in Australia with some of the most recognized degree programs on the globe. With over 20,000 courses and programs offered across more than 1,000 higher institutions in the country.

Australia is a rapidly growing beacon for education and research but it is fast becoming a safe haven for students looking to break new frontiers. Places in Australia have some of the best student communities and a good number of the cities in the country are a student favorite out of many others in the world.

Quality education is offered at different levels; from bachelors up to doctorate levels. Interestingly higher education in Australia is favorably priced compared to many leading educational destinations in the world.

The government of Australia heavily supports education in that every year they invest more than $200 million towards international scholarships and research grants.

Australian universities also rank highly amongst many other world institutions for subject areas such as Medicine, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Arts and Humanities, Life and Physical Sciences and many other major field areas.

The country is littered with oıpportunities for both local and foreign students. The country is also extremely welcoming to foreigners, having some of the most favorable immigration policies for a developed society such as theirs.

Students graduate from Australia universities are set apart and have continued to succeed in whatever sphere they find themselves. Interestingly with very strong international student alumni of averagely 2.5 million graduates, Australian education is contributing and making a global impact.

The world relies on some of the brilliant work carried out in Australian universities and there's more than enough achievements to their name.

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About Australia

Australia which is officially known as ‘The Commonwealth of Australia’ is located on the continent Oceania and it is the sixth-largest country by land area in the world.

The capital of Australia is Canberra and the country has been ranked the 51st most populous nation with a population of exactly 24,511,800. Although Canberra is the capital and seat of both legislative and federal power, Sydney is the largest and most inhabited city in the country.

There is no official language in Australia however, English is the national language and it is commonly spoken by the majority of the populace. They have their own national currency which is the Australian Dollar.

The country is divided into six states each with its own jurisprudence. Australia has 35% dry desert lands and 85% of the population live within 15km of the coast along the edges of the country.

Environmentally, Australia has a vast ecosystem and significantly plays host to some of the most unique and remotely distinct animal and plant species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

About 85% of the Australian population is European with mostly British or Irish ancestry. Asians makeup about 12% and are the largest minority group, Africans also make about 1% and native Australians or the Aborigines make up nearly 3% of the population.

Australia is very large and as such has one of the lowest population densities with only 3 people per square kilometers. Major cities in Australia include Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. A very large 61.1% of Australians practice Christianity, followed closely by 2.6% Muslims and 2.4% Buddhists.

The country takes pride in being a multicultural nation with over 200 different languages being spoken including Arabic, Cantonese, Italian, and Mandarin.

Australia has a very different timezone and climate, the country is somewhere between 12 to 16 hours ahead of several other countries. Seasons are also scheduled differently, summer is around December to February, Autumn is March to May, spring comes in November and winter is around June to August.

Although a British colony and an integral member of the Commonwealth States, Australia uses a federal parliamentary and constitutional monarchy system of government. The ruling monarch of England is ably represented by a Governor-general in Australia. The national day is celebrated on the 26th of January.

About Australia Economy

Australis a developed nation with a very robust economy and ranks 14th on the top largest economies in the world. Australia, since it’s independence, has grown to become one of the economic powerhouses and over the last three decades, has enjoyed a surplus. There has not been a recession in almost three decades and they have been dubbed the ‘Lucky Country’.

Australia's luck is many thanks to its gracious throve of natural resources, gas, iron ore, and coal. The country sits on many valuable minerals, and right around the corner is the Asian continent that requires these resources. Australia and all its natural resources turned very useful just as the economy of Asian countries like Japan and China started to peak.

Australia’s GDP in 2019 stands at $1.3 trillion and a nominal gross product output per of over $53,000 per capita. Along with countries like Switzerland, Australia has the highest wealth average and poverty lines are fundamentally low in the country.

The country has built a very strong economic management template through pension reform and has enjoyed very low levels of debt in the 21st century.

In recent years the country’s finances have been managed effectively partly because of their stable and strong central bank. The country has an independent central bank that's well rounded, they also have a very floating exchange rate that has helped them to adjust to international heavyweights.

The Australian government has built a very full proof development plan such that they rank 2nd on the Human Development Index and 5th of the Economic Freedom Index.

The development of Australia has been measured by how effective factors like health, education, economic balance and the general quality of life. This export-intensive country exports products from agriculture, mineral resources, and energy resources to export partners like China, Japan, and the United States.

Similarly, currency adjustments and floating the Australian dollar has helped to influence the export power of the country.

Another major contributing factor to the country’s economic boom is owing to its favorable immigration policies. There has been an increase in the number of temporary residents who come as students and then integrate into the system. An increase in the population has kept the country’s GDP increasing at 3 to 4% every year.

Why Study in Australia

Affordable Tuition Fees in Australia
Foreign Students Favoured

The government of Australia commits devotedly to educating foreign students. Many political and systematic rulings and legislations typically favor foreign students in the country.

There are not many changes that affect foreigners, rather there are opportunities that are readily available for foreign students.

Australia is comparably cheaper: When compared to other popular study-abroad destinations for international students, Australian tuition, student visa costs, living expenses, and the required minimum funding that students must show in order to secure admission and the visa, is lower than the rest.

Affordable Accomodation in Australia
Quality Education 

High level of education: Australia has a very high standard of education, the quality is very high at all levels; from the institution, the academic members and even the students.

It is very sure that any degree certificate from Australia is top-notch and recognized all over the world. Australia has a wealth of Opportunities: As significantly big the country is, so also is the scope of the opportunities that are available.

The country is rich in travel and adventure experiences. Whatever interests you fancy, be it food and culture, music and lifestyle, research and arts, the country bring them to your fingertips.

International Environment in Australia
International Exposure 

A very broad range of study options: In Australia, there is a very wide range of the courses and programs offered. From different subject areas and advanced fields, institutions in Australia easily have great options for students.

Whatever niche areas of interest that students opt for, there are sure to be more than 20 institutions in the country that offer them from bachelor's to doctorate levels.

Great Weather in Australia
Great work opportunities

Australia stands out immensely for job opportunities compared to many other advanced societies. Student visas in Australia come with working rights, students are allowed to study and work at the same time if they desire to.

Australia is one of the very few countries that permit students this opportunity without any need for further documentation or a work-permit.

Scholarships in Australia

Foreign students can take advantage of the many scholarship opportunities available in Australia. The government of Australia spends approximately $200 million AUD on student and research funding for international students annually.

Some scholarships are primarily tailored for foreign students and students can be eligible for a full-tuition ride with up to 30,000 AUD in living expenses.

Australia Awards Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to students from over 55 developing nations and this scheme was deployed to help in the eradication of poverty in these developing countries.

Destination Australia Scholarship: This program is a much newer scheme designed by the Australian government to provide scholarships for both local and foreign students to study at a higher level in regional Australia

Australia Student Visa

Australia offers a great value for money spent towards securing one of the most internationally recognized and sought after degrees. The country also has a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world.

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After getting accepted into an Australian institution, the student must pay their first-semester tuition or installment. Afterward, the university sends a confirmation of enrollment (COE) which proves that the student is eligible to study a particular course in the university. After receiving a COE the student must now apply for their student visa.