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Shopping is something that intrigues everyone and something that is loved by almost everyone. Barring a few scarce people, everyone loves shopping and is always on the lookout for good places to shop at. This merriment of shopping scales up to new levels when you are visiting a new city or even a country like Aruba.

In the case of Aruba, a country having immense historical and cultural importance, you can hardly keep yourself off the markets and places for shopping in Aruba that offers a variety of products! Shopping is quite impressive here, though it is no bargain destination. It’s not duty-free despite what you may have heard, although the duty here is indeed low.

Aruban souvenirs and crafts are very common, along with traditional Dutch items like cheese, porcelain, and figurines. Main Street in Oranjestad is where some of the most intriguing shopping can be had. Think pastel-colored boutiques and a half mile of stalls. The harbor front area is also good, where there are numerous shops selling souvenirs, along with many malls with higher-end items.

This shopping goes for several blocks along the bustling L.G. Smith Boulevard at the waterfront, cutting past the cruise terminal. Two of the best-known malls in Aruba are the Renaissance Mall and nearby Renaissance Marketplace. They have well over one hundred stores between them, along with many restaurants and a couple of casinos.

Along with local items and Dutch goodies in Aruba is higher-end merchandise, including Swiss watches, the latest SLR cameras, and legitimate Cuban cigars amongst many items. The lower duty brings prices low, with good buys to be had on jewelry and perfumes, but for real duty-free, wait until you get to the airport.

It’s worth checking out the numerous flea markets on the Aruba. Although they tend to sell the same mix of pirated movies and cds, inexpensive souvenirs, handmade jewelry, and other inexpensive handicrafts, they are great places to soak up the atmosphere. The food markets are also due a visit, mostly for their fresh seafood.

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