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Argentina has a large multiethnic and multicultural community and is a fascinating and welcoming city for students choosing to study abroad. The quality of education is very good and also very affordable. Almost 90,000 students from around the globe come to Buenos Aires, the capital, to study.

For anyone looking to learn and enjoy a laid back lifestyle while surrounded by nature, Argentina is the go-to place.

Fondly referred to as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires is the hub of several entertainment options that will make you enjoy every bit of your stay in and off school. So, when you want to take a break from school activities, visit the cafés, restaurants, malls, cinemas, dance schools and museums that are found in different parts of the city.

The capital city, Buenos Aires, well-known for its 47 historically and culturally distinctive neighborhoods such as La Boca and La Recoleta, is arguably the most cosmopolitan city on the continent, largely as a result of a wave of European immigration in the early 20th century.

Almost half of the population of 36 million Argentines are said to live in capital city and its province offering students with unending beauty a during vacation.

Students will have many opportunities to explore South America. Institutions give a one-week break in both spring and fall that students can use to travel to different areas. They also organize a trip during the semester. Another vital part of the study abroad experience is to meet and socialize with local students. 

Argentina coordinates cultural and social events so that students can meet local "portenos" and make long-lasting friendships. Students can either get airplane tickets or take comfortable long-range buses to get where they are going, and there are numerous local travel agencies and services that will help them make their travel arrangements.



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