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Locals love to shop the day away and many tourists come from abroad every year just to bring home high-quality leather products, jewelry, and wine amongst many products. Whether it is Palermo for boutiques, San Telmo with its quirky vintage vibe, or Recoleta for upscale shopping, this Argentina has something for every budget and style.

If you really want to get to know a country, spend some time wandering its supermarkets. In Argentina, the big ones are Coto, Disco, Jumbo, and French-owned Carrefour.

If you are looking for variety, the massive Jumbo outlet in Buenos Aires’ Palermo (Bullrich 345, Buenos Aires) has every product under the sun and has been nicknamed the ‘international supermarket’ for its wide range of imported goods, although you will pay a premium for them.

Argentina, like most of South America, also loves its open-air street markets and boutique shops. Many of them of which can be found in the huge arcade that is Calle Florida in Buenos Aries.

You will find hundreds of shops that specialize in leather goods and furs. If you are looking for something glitzy with a designer label, give Avenida Alvear a try which is where Louis Vuitton and Georgio Armani reside.

There is a great variety of fashion and leather goods to be found in most commercial areas and high-quality jackets, boots and shoes are sold throughout Argentina at very agreeable prices.

However, Argentina has a relatively mild climate, so truly cold-weather clothes are often hard to come by. Electronics are not cheap either, as they are subject to hefty import fees. The price of music, books, and movies can be a good deal if the volatile exchange rates are in your favor.

Unlike other parts of South America, credit card machines do not support PINs. So, if you have a PIN-enabled card in your home country, do not expect to use it in Argentina whatsoever. Rather, you will be asked for your signature, which is standard practice.

Argentina is a great place to buy leather goods amongst many other products. Clothing and accessories made from various types of cow, suede, sheep, goat, antelope, stag, and calf are purchased at very reasonable prices in all commercial areas.

One particular type of leather is carpincho, which is extracted from a large rodent native only to South America. Its hides have become very popular with foreign buyers for its softness, attractive reddish color, and irregular grain.

RocApply Tips:

  • As with other facets of life in Argentina, food, and grocery are also sold in their local currency, so ensure to make all the necessary conversions and move around with a little local cash on you. Many of the establishments only accept the Argentine dollar.
  • As a newcomer, some of the names of the items might confuse you, please use any online translator services to check the correct Spanish word for whatever you are searching for.
  • Always ask for help or directions from fellow students and if you can't find any around you then ask even the locals they are always happy to assist foreigners and visitors.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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