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Here the majority of the neighborhoods around the schools are safe and comfortable. Also, they can be easily accessed by foot, bus or subway. So, regardless of where your student apartments in Argentina are located, you rest assured of accessing your school with ease.

As a student, especially an exchange student it is probably of not important to rent an apartment through a real estate agency as contracts are of a minimum of two years. But there are other options. The first option is the housing program of your university. Many Argentinean universities offer help to find a place to stay

Housing ranges from placing you in a family, living in university apartments, or offering independent housing. If you decide independent living is what you want, you might consider looking around at your Argentinean university’s notice boards as well as on notice boards at other close by universities.

Also, contact the exchange coordinator of the university you will study at and ask for the contact information of exchange students that are already studying at the host university for more clarity.

Many rooms are advertised by word of mouth and students that already spend some time at the host university will know what is available and not. A good tip is to ask at your home university for students that will be finished their studies in Argentina for reliable information.

The second option is to stay at a Residencia. These generally offer private, double and 3 or 4 person rooms which can be rented for longer periods. Both Argentinean and foreign students make use of them equally. Home-stays are private owned apartments where the landlords rent out one or more rooms.

Costs of living and studying in Argentina depends on the location, lifestyle, and the university location. An average between $2,500 to $4,500 should be sufficient to cover the costs of living for one year.

Types and Costs of Accommodation

Student has to choose between the available accommodation options that include the following:

  • Renting an apartment: 1,000-1,500 pesos monthly
  • Living with an Argentinian family: 900 pesos with food
  • Renting a room in student dormitory: 500-700 pesos

This is in addition to other expenses, such as daily transport, food, entertainment, gym, and others that would cost around 400-700 pesos monthly (depends on the spending of the person)

As mentioned before, the costs of living in Argentina are too low, in comparison with other countries. The accommodation costs less than $350 monthly while using public transport to the school back and forth would cost $10 in a week.


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