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Selecting one of the best universities in Antigua and Barbuda to study for a degree program is one of the best choices you will ever make. In fact, these schools will serve as a great beginning for your career path and also give you the right connection you need to excel in your discipline. The universities are designed to make your educational experience the best across all cities. There is a wide range of programs you can pick from; scientific, research, mathematical, and social disciplines!

On this page you can search for Universities, Colleges and Business schools in the country. You will easily find all information about the top ranked universities by clicking on the website filters right here.  Select universities in Antigua and Barbuda and browse through their programs to find the ones that suit you best. Get all info about the various study alternatives in Antigua and Barbuda and compare the tuition fees and length of study. You can save time and contact universities in Antigua and Barbuda directly through RocApply:

Here are the topranked universities in Antigua and Barbuda;

  • American University of Antigua
  • University of Health Sciences Antigua

If you’re already sure of the direction you wish to take, then start your application on RocApply to study your desired program at a Antiguan university and receive an international degree. Still pondering about what and where to study in Antigua and Barbuda then let us help you, contact us via email or WhatsApp and we will be glad to assist you in making the tough decisions based on our own experience. 

Teaching Quality:

A university is a learning environment that provides higher education to aid students in the advancement of their careers. There must be adequate resources that are in place to better cover all areas of learning that are required in a specific field.

The university must also possess a good student to faculty ratio to better promote student participation. RocApply also considers the university’s reputation on an international scale and how globally acclaimed they are.



Research Activities:

We aptly consider the research excellence of universities, their citation impact, and sieving through the university's current and past research focus and measure their relevance to education and society.

RocApply also put into consideration several university's research revenue, influence, and scale both on national and international levels.

International Representation:

We pay close attention to the university’s foreign collaborations with other organizations, communities, and institutions. Rightly positioning them for global opportunities and significance.

The number of international students and staff members in a university also adds to its ranking on our platform. A student population that is diverse tends to have a more universal approach which sets them apart from the rest.


We rightfully consider a university’s involvement with the real world and how they infuse theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

RocApply pays attention to the opportunities a university can offer it’s students when it comes to business, career, entrepreneurship and talent development.





In addition to the stated parameters and factors, here at RocApply, we take note of several other parameters for our university rankings. Because we are an online platform and we utilize a more friendly and personalized approach with our students we also hold our institutions on to the same repute when dealing with them.

University’s Acceptance Rate: Factors like these contribute to the confidence with which we operate with our prospective students. A situation where with the right documents and results, students would definitely secure the admission is very favorable to us and we can work effectively Professionalism: We look at how structured or direct a university’s admission process is and how well they handle applications that come in through our channels.
Student Integration: Putting into consideration that our students come from different locations across the globe, we ensure that our universities provide a seamless experience for foreign students in terms of settlement, integration, campus friendliness and security.
Scholarship opportunities: Education does not come cheap, this we know, but universities that have multiple avenues in which students can support or fund their education are a priority to us. Social activities and extracurricular presence: This small but important factor contributes to the entire student life and has been proven to be a major component in education today. Academic skills with the right social skills are essential in building an all-round study environment that students would find memorable.
Accreditation from international bodies:  The accreditation of the institution with the internationally respected and certified bodies is highly taken into consideration in the RocApply university ranking initiative