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Let's be honest! Studying abroad comes in handy with a good shopping culture! Everyone wants to get time to explore markets and pick a few goodies to add to the cart list! Shopaholics welcome to Antigua and Barbuda, the land of beauty and charming crafts! This is where your shopping impulse is put to the test. With numerous shopping malls, stalls, shops, and supermarkets Antigua and Barbuda will certainly take thy breath away!

Shopping in the islands is an adventure itself in addition to the many shops selling clothing, jewelry and local goods, you will also come across many street vendors selling goods made on the island that you probably may not find anywhere else. If you enjoy shopping while traveling, or if you just want to find some special souvenirs and jewelery for yourself and loved ones, look for the following 4 things to buy in Antigua.

1. Lavender Jade

Antigua is one of the only markets where you can find lavender-colored jade. These beautiful and unique gemstones are transformed into breathtaking pieces of jewelry truly a special find when shopping here. Once you are on the island, it will be pretty easy to find and buy lavender jade jewelry and art pieces.

2. Wood-Carved Masks

Another item you will want to look for when shopping in Antigua is a wood-carved mask. These make great gifts or souvenirs, and add a unique touch to your home decor when displayed on a wall. The wood-carved masks feature a blend of different styles and colors, so you are sure to find one that suits your style.

3. Textiles

From beautifully woven rugs to bright and colorful pillows and cushions, not to mention clothing and other fabric products, you will find plenty of handcrafted and well-made quality products to bring home for yourself. Antiguan linens typically feature bright, bold colors and help to create a festive, cheery surrounding. Cushions for furniture are a particularly popular item because the colors and patterns featured here are not likely to be found in the USA.

4. Local Pottery

Made with natural clay from the islands and painted with bold, beautiful colors, Antiguan pottery is truly something to chekout. You will find bowls of all sizes, one-of-a-kind lamps, plates, candleholders and much more. Each product is a work of art, and a great gift idea. Some of the more popular places to buy pottery in Antigua also allow you to take a tour of the studio and see how the pottery is made.

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then rest assured that the premier shopping malls are usually located in the heart of the commercial district, generally just a short journey from your accommodation. While you are there you are likely to find yourself enjoying the company of locals, who visit the luxury malls to unwind, spend time together and tour the shops at their leisure.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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