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At first glance, you may think that Anguilla shopping is not this Caribbean island's number one activity. And you' would be right. But who minds?

Let's be honest! Studying abroad comes in handy with a good shopping culture! Everyone wants to get time to explore markets and pick a few goodies to add to the cart list! With numerous shopping malls, stalls, shops, and supermarkets Anguilla will certainly give you something for grabs!

Shopping in the islands is an adventure itself in addition to the many shops selling clothing, jewelry and local goods, you will also come across many street vendors selling goods made on the island that you probably may not find anywhere else.

St. Martin, a duty free country, is a mere twenty minutes away. For many reasons, most items are much cheaper, and the shops are more exciting and varied. But, while you have to hunt a bit, you will find some truly unique shops and galleries scattered around, yes, Anguilla shopping does exist.

The country is one of the only markets where you can find lavender-colored jade. These beautiful and unique gemstones are transformed into breathtaking sets of jewelry truly a special find when shopping here. Once you are on the island, it will be pretty easy to find and buy lavender jade jewelry and art sets.

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then rest assured that the premier shopping malls are usually located in the heart of the commercial district, generally just a short journey from your accommodation. While you are there you are likely to find yourself enjoying the company of locals, who visit the luxury malls to unwind, spend time together and tour the shops at their leisure.

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