Car Rental in Anguilla

RocApply makes it easy for you to book your next Anguilla car rental. We work with the best car rental companies in Anguilla, bringing you reducted car rental rates and a wide variety of car rental classes including economy, compact, midsize, full-size, convertible, van, luxury, full size and SUV rentals. Our partner car rental companies in Anguilla propose different pick-up and drop-off options.

If you want to book your Anguilla car rental, follow the links on this page to view more information and details on your next short or long term car rental. RocApply offers a wide selection of rental cars in Anguilla to meet nearly every need. If you need any special equipment, like a child seat or ski rack, inform us and we will forward your request on to the rental car company.

And what's more, when you choose to rent a car from one of our Anguilla airport car rental partners you will be dealing with a rental car company that has made a special commitment to provide RocApply customers with great customer service, a wide choice of top quality cars, and competitive total pricing.

Using the RocApply car rental search engine, you will easily find the choice that suits your taste for a rental car in Anguilla. Firstly, enter your dates and destination in the search box, and then you’ll find a list of search results. You can easily filter these results by your personal preferences, such as budget, district, reviews, distance from the center along with many more options.

As you finish your booking process, remember you can also complete your travel package with other amenities you may need. Enjoy your study in Anguilla.

Top tips for renting a car in Anguilla

  • As long as you hold a valid driver’s license from your country of origin or an International Driver’s Permit, you can obtain a mandatory visitor’s permit to drive and rent a car in Anguilla. Fees range from USD 5 for a two-month permit to USD 50 for a one-year permit. These permits are available at all rental agencies throughout the island. Also, make sure you have a credit card, because there are some agencies that do not accept cash.
  • Parking your rental car in Anguilla is fairly easy because the laws are very relaxed in this regard. Generally speaking, free parking areas within town limits are designated by the letter P or wherever you find parking meters. Outside of municipal limits you are free to park on most roads, but always take care to use well-lit areas wherever possible.

Terms and conditions

RocApply works with many large and small car rental agencies, each car rental company have their terms and conditions. We recommend you always read and check carefully the detailed terms before you book your car rental. Our call center is 7 days available by phone or chat if you have any doubts regarding the terms, we are happy to assist you anytime.

Freedom to move where you want with a rental car

A rental car gives you the freedom to move wherever you want or make sightseeing stops when you feel like. All for your commodity and you can drive whenever you want without depending on buses or trains. Please take in mind that traffic rules must be respected at all times and costs.

Why rent a car?

The best way to discover Anguilla is by renting a car. Renting a car is an easy and affordable way of transportation. With your rent a car you can explore the beautiful surroundings of Anguilla. RocApply works with numerous rent a car company in Anguilla.

Cheap family rental cars

When traveling with family and children, we recommend you select a car with enough space for luggage and enough space to fit child seats. Children must travel save in a child booster depending on their weight or how tall they are. RocApply offers a wide range of variety of station wagons, minivans in Anguilla.

You can now book and reserve a Car directly through RocApply.

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