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The Student Services Office in American Samoa seeks to support the educational pursuits of all students through the provision of high-quality services, student access, and learning support. It provides services and necessary information for financial aid, counseling, tutorial, admission, library, student organizations, and sport.

Student Counselling- student counseling is available to students studying in American Samoa. The counseling services provide career, academic, personal, and diversity counseling.

They also assist in student orientation of new students, implementing outreach activities, offering crisis intervention, and follow-up and referral services. The goal of the counseling services is to provide quality assistance for students that will create a safe, supportive, and affirming environment.

Clubs- there are various clubs that students can join at university and college in American Samoa where students with a common passion are likely to come together and pursue that goal. Such clubs are devoted to the professional and recreational enrichment of students.

Student Government Organisation- student government encourages students to explore activities that offer opportunities for personal growth and growth as a group. This can be done through diverse programs and leadership experiences that complement the institutions’ programs. 

Fitness Centre/Gym- Fitness Centres offer a fully functional fitness space with state-of-the-art equipment to support the recreation and physical well-being of the students.

Sports– sports is a major uniting factor for students. It enables students to meet up with other students and work as a team for a common goal. Sport on campus promotes cohesion and teamwork and enables students to travel to different places to see new communities and showcase their talents as well. 

Student organizations- students are encouraged to be part of a student organization that caters to their interests and where they can pursue a common goal. International student organizations provide support and a nurturing environment for the diverse student population.

The main aim of these organizations is to unite students on campus as well as in the community. This involves enabling them to share in various activities, share student values and share their cultures.

Student orientation- the student services departments are on hand to welcome new students and provide the requisite information and support to make them feel welcome.

It gives students a comprehensive package and information concerning the university structures, outlook, activities, academic programs, campus life, student support services, and organizations. 

Services and Facilities- the university provides students with facilities and services that enhance student life at American Samoa institutions.  These facilities make a life for students much easier.




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