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American Samoa is a great place offering the best of nightlife either by the beachside on in the city. Guests can spend their nights at the beachside restaurants over a warm meal or on the dance floor enjoying a night of drinks.

Ice breaker Bar and Bistro- this is a bar and grill facility in Tafuna. This bar has friendly staff, everyday specials, karaoke nights and so much more. Revelers can dance the night away, sing away at karaoke, or just enjoy drinks or food. There are several promotions including a happy hour on selected days, and guests can get a free beer bucket on some nights.

The menu offers the signature potato crab salad, ribs, chicken, hot dogs, turkey tail, ham, potato salad, and rice, to mention but a few. It is a great place to unwind while sipping on a cold drink and enjoying a meal while listening to music played by the DJs. 

Paradise Bar and grill- this is a popular outdoor spot located in Nuuuli. Here you can enjoy drinks at the bar, pizza, breakfast, or lunch and dinner. 

Oasis Restaurant & Fly by Night Bar- this is a restaurant and bar located in Pago Pago. This is a restaurant and bar with great food, pool tables, the best DJs, and live bands.

The bar holds specially themed nights including ladies nights, party nights, thanksgiving after-parties, black and white parties, and veterans' days to mention but a few. Guests on special days can get free entry, free PUPU’s, and free drinks. 

Tisa’s Barefoot Bar- this is a bar where guests can eat, meditate and experience the best of American Samoa life. Guests can enjoy their drinks and enjoy freshly made meals from the garden by the chef. They can spend the evenings sitting by the night stars on the beachfront.

Evalani’s Cabaret- this is a family-owned business specialized Mexican favorite. It is a restaurant and bar facility. Guests can enjoy meals including cheesy chimichanga, homemade salsa, crab enchiladas, tacos, chicken taquitos, and a variety of drinks and cocktails. It is located in Pago Pago. 



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