Jobs for Students in American Samoa

Working part-time in American Samoa not only allows students to have financial freedom but also gives them the chance to learn more about the American Samoan labor market and at the same time get the requisite experience they will need after the completion of their studies.

Library assistant- as library assistants college campus library assistants. This allows the students to have access to study material that others cannot access. They also get paid for their work.

Courier- students can also work part-time as couriers for companies.  Their main duties will be to pick up and deliver correspondences and other company parcels between branches or to various customer locations.

Cafeteria Assistants- students can work in the University cafeteria either as cooks, or to serve meals and clean up after everyone is done. This is not a demanding job and the student can only do this during meal times and after, giving them ample time to focus on their studies.

Sales agents- students in American Samoa can work as freelance sales agents for various companies. This can be done on a part-time basis or online. Students here can earn on commission or a full salary.

Waiters- students in American Samoa can work as waiters in one of many food courts, hotels, guest houses, fast-food outlets, and restaurants including, to mention but a few. Students can earn tips as well as a salary.

On-line Work- online work is a less strenuous job for students and leaves them with ample time to also focus on their studies. There are many online jobs including on-line typing, essay writing, content writing, surveys, and many more.

Cashiers- students can also work in shops as cashiers.


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