Study in American Samoa

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American Samoa is a United States territory located in South Pacific. The famous National Park of American Samoa highlights its tropical scenery with rainforests and beaches.

American Samoa rewards the curious travel abroad enthusiasts with astounding natural beauty and an authentic taste of Polynesian culture. Visitors can enjoy diving, snorkeling, and hiking the untamed rainforest, pristine beaches, and protected coral reefs full of amazing marine life.

Studying in American Samoa offers students the most amazing and surreal experience they can ever imagine. American Samoa offers a full package, be it in academics, eclectic cuisine, luxurious accommodation, and unique island culture.

No matter your program duration, as a student here you can earn academic credit, enhance their profiles, and develop their global awareness.

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After experiencing a beautiful semester abroad in American Samoa you will realize that studying abroad is one of the most fulfilling and self-improving experiences one can go through.

After your studies, we guarantee you that you will start to see life from a new perspective. Some imperfections you will begin to perceive as positive qualities and some positive assets as defects which is important for your personal development.

Universities in American Samoa readily welcome international students. To make it easier, many of its universities have programs specifically designed for foreign students.

After graduation, these students will be well-versed in the Arabic language and tradition, and will be in a good state to pursue research programs or jobs in industries that are connected to the Arabic community without any doubts!

Some of the main advantages of studying in American Samoa are the following


- Many students are flocking here annually.

- You get an internally accredited degree

- Widen your academic and research network

- You get to explore the beauty of the country with your mates

- Many Universities here give competitive programs

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About American Samoa

American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States in the South Pacific Ocean, about 2300 miles from Hawaii, and 2600km northeast of New Zealand. American Samoa consists of five main islands namely Tutuila, Tau, Ofu, Olosega, Aunu’u, and, and two coral atolls Rose Atoll and Swains Island.

The largest and most populous island is Tutuila, while the capital is Pago Pago. American Samoa’s total land area is 200 km2 square kilometers. As of 2021, the population has been estimated at 55 100 with a population Density of 259.0/km2. It urban to rural population is 87.2% and 12.8% respectively.

The ethnic composition of American Samoa showed that 88.9% are Samoans, 2.9% Tongan, 2.7% Multiracial, 2.2% Filipino, 2.2% other, and 1.2% are White.

Samoan is the main language of American Samoa. Most American Samoans can speak both English and Samoan fluently.

The National Park of American Samoa- is a park covering an area of 10 520 acres. It is distributed across 3 islands namely Tutuila, Ofu, and Tau. It was made a national park in the year 1988 to protect its rich culture and natural resources.

The roads around the region aren't always at their best, but tour vans and rental cars can be used to reach the sites just outside the major cities.

Fagatele Bay- this is located on Tutuila Island and is part of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa. It protects about 168 coral species and 271 fish species that are believed to be the most diverse in the Region.

Fogama Bay and Crater- this is also part of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa, located east of Fagatele Bay. It was created by a flooded volcanic crater. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and hiking here in the shallow reefs, crystal clear waters, rocky cliffs, natural blowholes, and crashing waves.

Aunu’u Island- this is a tiny volcanic island covered in rainforest and has a population of about 475 people and is home to the Faimulivai Marsh, which is the largest freshwater marsh in American Samoa.

About American Samoan's Economy

We know how students get concerned about the quality of life in a foreign country! No one would just travel with an appreciation of the economy of the country of destination which is why we have dedicated this section to inform you about the economy of American Samoa.

The information here will but only enhance your decision-making process for studying abroad here. We hope after you are done reading through you will save time to apply with RocApply to the university of your choice!

The main currency of American Samoa is the United States dollar. The economy of American Samoa is a traditional economy where more than 90% of the land is owned communally.

Its economy is strongly linked to the United States of America, which is also its main trade partner. GDP (PPP) as of 2018 was estimated at $636 million with a per capita of $11 467, and GDP growth at 2.2%.

Tuna fishing and processing are the backbone of the private sector and are the primary exports. Fish processing accounted for 15.5% of employment. Unemployment as of 2020 was at 8.36%.

Agriculture has a moderate contribution to the GDP and agricultural products include bananas, coconuts, taro, vegetables, breadfruit, yams, copra, pineapples, papayas, dairy products, and livestock.

Industry in American Samoa involves fish processing or tuna canning, handicrafts, to mention but a few.

Exports in American Samoa were estimated at $69.6 million as of 2018. Its main export partners include Australia, the united states, Ghana, the Netherlands, Burma, South Korea, Japan, Colombia, and Indonesia. Export items were canned tuna and other items.

Its imports were valued at $147 million as of 2018. With import partners being Singapore, New Zealand, Samoa, Malaysia, Fiji, the united states, South Korea, Mauritius, and Austria, to mention but a few. Import items included raw materials for the cannery, food, petroleum products, machinery, and parts, to mention but a few.

DISCLAIMER: This report was last updated in 2020! Due to the sensitivity of economic information and data privacy, RocApply publishes only authentic indices as gathered from relevant and trusted sources as attached.

Why Study in American Samoa

Affordable Tuition Fees in American Samoa

If you are looking for universities in American Samoa, then be sure to join the community of students from over one-hundred countries, and experience a vibrant campus life that is a reflection of the country's cultural diversity. You will immerse yourself in a multicultural environment that will gravitate your career prospects to the next level while growing your international community network!

Affordable Accomodation in American Samoa

Although most of the country's inhabitants prefer going from one place to another by car, walking in the city gives you a great opportunity to explore all the town’s curiosities and secrets spots is made easier. Whether you’re after groceries, bookstores, a good place to eat or drink, or unknown antique shops, you’ll be able to find it all within walking distance from your dorm or other residences. This makes universities easily accessible and less costly to attend!

International Environment in American Samoa
Enjoy Samoan Sports

sports is a major uniting factor for students. It enables students to meet up with other students and work as a team for a common goal. Sport on campus promotes cohesion and teamwork and enables students to travel to different places to see new communities and showcase their talents as well.

Great Weather in American Samoa
So much to explore

The Samoan National Authority is one of the world’s most enigmatic regions. From the natural landscapes to the man-made beauties, it has more than enough entertaining activities to enthrall visitors for weeks on end. Even though the region can get relatively hot, hiking is still very common. Spots like American Samoa, the Mount Alava, and Ofu Beach are the perfect spots for this.

Scholarships in American Samoa

Studying in American Samoa can be an interesting experience for students as they seek openings to study abroad in a great destination.

American Samoan Scholarships for students to study abroad can offer unlimited opportunities for them and we have dedicated this guide to shed light on which of the scholarships students can utilize to realize their international academic dreams seamlessly!

American Samoa Student Visa

Travelers to American Samoa must have a visa to travel there for 90 days and below. United States visitors do not need a visa but do need a passport

Visitors from the following countries can enter American Samoa without requiring a visa for up to 30 days: Canada, Austria, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, and Sweden.

All other countries are required to apply for an entry visa. Visa types include a tourist visa. Business visa, transit visa, and diplomatic visa. Visa extension can be applied for at the Immigration Office, Government of Samoa. .