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We know how much nightlife means to you and if you love to party, then this European  is one of the best places for nightlife. The  wakes up when the sun goes down, and you'll find the best nightlife in the world beckoning. Just locate your pleasure.

This RocApply guide has been made to illuminate you on the sizzling nightlife to expect in Albania! This land will quench you partying thirst!

From world-renowned and opulent high-energy nightclubs to thriving local bars and pubs, your Albania trip experience will reach for the stars from dusk till dawn.

Astounding VIP venues can be tracked down across the country, perhaps starting your evening with a cocktail in the capital. You could find yourself mingling with some famous individuals, so dress to the nines!

Angelina says,

“Beautiful beaches, stunning castles and the thrill of exploring a country which opened its gate recently for the world, sounds like a plan? The country will surely tickle all your senses. From the historical spots that you can visit to the traditional Raki drink which you must try, your vacation in Albania will be full of exploration and fun. Not only the country is perfect for the history buffs but it also has a lot to provide to the travelers who party till the sun comes up! To witness the best of Albania nightlife, you must try its capital city Tirana. To have an encounter with the party culture of the country you must go through this Albania nightlife guide and prepare yourself for an electrifying night in the impeccable country!

In the capital, nightlife and bread are equally necessary! Yes, for each club still open in the early hours of the morning, there is a 24-hour open bakery to match it. Because of the large number of bars and clubs in the city,

The three areas with the highest conglomeration of bars, pubs, lounges, and clubs in the capital of Tirana are Blloku (B)referring to the former residential neighborhood of the heads of the Communist government and the area “behind the Pyramid” (P), meaning the several parallel routes on the other side of the major boulevard.

The nightlife is just outstanding! Enjoy a romantic cruise along the coast of Albania with the love of your heart, watching the starlit sky on a cloudless night views! You can book a scheduled cruise or charter a catamaran for a secluded evening for two!

Our top picks for nightlife in Albania are:

  • Komiteti – Kafe Muzeum (BP): Decorated in Communist paraphernalia and serving the largest and most tantalizing variet of raki in town, hosting cultural events and documentary nights, this place is the most fun you will experience in a museum.
  • Nouvelle Vague (B): its Albanian feel does not quite match its fancy French name but the mix is wonderful! A local favorite, this place is always full and vibrant. The cocktail variety is limitless and there really is no match for its cozy/unruly atmosphere
  • Radio (B): A landmark in Tirana, this place has an unbeatable environment, hosting jazz nights, nostalgic disco nights, electronic nights, and everything in between. Its decor is as appetizing as it is nostalgic and its drinks, simple and tasty. The outdoor patio is never empty!

The country has something for everyone! Don't hesitate to ask any question concerning nightlife in Albania, RocApply is here to give you all the information you may need before setting your feet in this unique country.

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