Application Requirements for Albania Universities

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If you are an aspiring student to Albania or the surrounding region, RocApply is your best source for information and advice. Our committed staff will answer any inquiries about courses, study options, and the application process.

Applying for a course is FREE of charge. See other services available on our guide as you toggle through the website.

All applications for international students wishing to study in Albania are online-based and we are already ahead of the curve, with our experience and multiple layer functionality, we work alongside Albania's leading institutions to ensure that our students receive the utmost attention during the entire process.

There is a huge range of courses which are offered at graduate and undergraduate levels in the institutions. The courses like Business, Politics and Mathematics are well known in the country.

The government of Albania also offers several scholarship opportunities to the International Students. In order to apply for an academic vacancy in Albania, students must have following documents-

  • ID documents
  • Academic credentials.
  • Proof of Medical Insurance
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Evidence of financial resources.
  • Health Report


These documents must be submitted onto our portal, but first preference is directed towards Identification documents as and Transcripts. Different universities have different requirements akin to their establishment.

Here for undergraduate students, one should provide enough documentation to be enrolled. This is the same for post-graduate programs, be sure to check your list before flying!

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